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    ... Subject: [SCA-AS] Stefan s Florilegium files for September Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 01:18:40 -0500 From: Stefan li Rous Reply-To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2005
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      Subject: [SCA-AS] Stefan's Florilegium files for September
      Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 01:18:40 -0500
      From: Stefan li Rous <StefanliRous@...>
      Reply-To: Arts and Sciences in the SCA <artssciences@...>
      CC: StefanliRous@...

      Greetings to the Gentles of the Known World,

      Here is a copy of my Florilegium article for September detailing what
      is new in the Florilegium this month.

      I'm sure that by now most of you have heard of the recent hurricane
      which has dealt quite a blow to parts of the Kingdoms of Meridies and
      Trimaris and the soon to be Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. Many of our
      fellow members have been displaced and often lost most of their
      material goods including SCA stuff. Please keep in mind these folks
      and keep an eye out for how you might be able to help out. And if
      some of these folks find themselves in your area, please welcome them
      and help them feel at home, whether for weeks, months or longer.

      I know that there are a number of SCA oriented relief efforts going
      on. However, right now things are still in a bit of flux, so I'm not
      going to try to give an exhaustive list but here are a few:
      The Meridian Disaster Relief webpage: http://hurricane-
      A mail list set up for not only this current disaster, but also for
      the future: SCA-Disaster@yahoogroups.com

      On a different note, I am considering adding an RSS service to the
      Florilegium. This will allow folks with the proper software, to get
      more continuous and comprehensive updates on what is new in the
      Florilegium. RSS now comes standard with the latest Apple Safari
      browser, for instance. Before I go to the effort of implementing and
      maintaining this additional feature though, I'd appreciate comments
      on whether this would be of interest or not to the users of the
      Florilegium.So, please send me an email if you have any comments, pro
      or con about this.


      A Blending of the Past and Present

      Over the past sixteen years in an ongoing effort, I have been
      collecting bits of useful information from various newsgroups, mail
      lists and articles submitted to me by their authors. In order to make
      this information available to others, I have placed this information
      in a series of files I call Stefan's Florilegium.

      The Florilegium is on the web at: http://www.florilegium.org

      I am always interested in new articles. If you have written an
      article that would be of interest to others in the SCA, please send
      it to me for possible inclusion in the Florilegium. Contact me for
      more details.

      I am also interested in volunteers who might be interested in helping
      me maintain the Florilegium. Everything from collecting materials,
      editing and web work is needed. Again, please contact me for more

      For those who would like to help support the Florilegium project in
      another way, I have added a PayPal donation button on the top page of
      the site. Any donations, while not tax deductible, do help pay the
      overhead costs of keeping the site running.

      THLord Stefan li Rous Ansteorra stefan at florilegium.org

      Here are the new files for this month:
      In the ANIMALS section:
      bees-Markham-art A translation by Baroness Morgan of Anglesey
      of the section on bees and beekeeping in
      one of Gervase Markham’s books.
      In the COMMERCE section:
      prostitution-lnks Links to info on medieval prostitution
      by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.
      In the LIFE-STEPS section:
      bog-bodies-lnks Links to information on bog bodies
      by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.
      In the PENNSIC section:
      Pennsic-lnks Links to information on Pennsic
      by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.
      In the PLANTS, HERBS AND SPICES section:
      poppyseeds-msg Use of poppyseeds in period. Recipes.
      In the SCA-STORIES section:
      Atlant-rapier-msg History of rapier combat in the SCA Kingdom
      of Atlantia.

      Here are just some of the updated files. This month many of the SCA
      history and story files have been updated. Of course, I’m still
      looking for additions to these files.
      Aten-hist-msg Histories of the Kingdom of Atenveldt.
      Atlantia-hist-msg Histories of the Kingdom of Atlantia.
      breadmaking-msg Period bread recipes and re-creations.
      Caid-hist-msg Histories of the Kingdom of Caid.
      Lochac-hist-msg History and description of the Kingdom
      of Lochac. (Australia)
      placenames2-msg More origins and meanings of SCA placenmaes.
      SCA-as-family-msg Sometimes the SCA is more like family.
      SCA-reasons-msg The reasons various people joined the SCA.
      West-hist-msg Histories of the West Kingdom.
      you-know-msg You know you're in the SCA when...
      Copyright 2005, Mark S. Harris.
      Permission to reprint in SCA-related publications is hereby granted
      if the contents are left unchanged and the author is notified of the
      publication. Notification may be by email and reformatting is allowed.

      THLord Stefan li Rous Barony of Bryn Gwlad Kingdom of Ansteorra
      Mark S. Harris Austin, Texas
      **** See Stefan's Florilegium files at: http://www.florilegium.org ****

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