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  • avalinaofthewoods
    I didn t know if anyone might be interested in helping. ... From: KATHY GILDEMEISTER To: Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2005
      I didn't know if anyone might be interested in helping.

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      From: "KATHY GILDEMEISTER" <fun4kathyg@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 8:51 AM
      Subject: [MR] FW: This was posted on the AE Kingdom site

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      >>The new Kingdom to be of Gleann Abhann was hit hard by Katrina,
      >>there has
      >>been a yahoo group formed by those who are trying to help:
      >>below is more information that was posted to another list.
      >>"I know that you are all aware of the aftermath of Katrina.
      >>Gleann Abhann was suppose to have it's first coronation and become
      >>kingdom in October and the site is now gone (Gulf Port area). The
      >>site for Gulf Wars is also underwater.
      >>Our kingdom seneschal (Northshield) is in contact with the
      >>seneschal of Merridies and the soon to be kingdom of Gleann Abhann,
      >>as are many other seneschals. There isn't allot that we can do
      >>because they need to get power and communications up and a whole
      >>of rescuing.
      >>I keep remembering how nice it was when the Gleann Abhan royalty
      >>stood out in the cold handing out fresh donuts and hot coffee to us
      >>as we waited to get into Gulf Wars this past year. They were so
      >>full of smiles and treated ALL of us as if WE were the royalty!
      >>There is a new yahoo group that is trying to coordinate efforts to
      >>help and I have the link listed below. Some of the discussions on
      >>other lists involve "adopting" a group and helping them replace
      >>items like garb, armor, feast gear, etc. These aren't items that
      >>the Red Cross will replace and we all know how much time and money
      >>we have put in OUR SCA gear.
      >>It's a new group so you may not find it on a yahoo groups search
      >>For those of use who don't have allot of money, making SCA items
      >>to help replace what was lost is a good way to help our fellow
      >>Please cross post this to other lists. A large coordinated effort
      >>might get more done."
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