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Re: [MedievalSawdust] OT - Attn Former Drachenwalders

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  • Helen Schultz
    You d be completely surprised ... join and find out. Charles O Connor is there, Regina Ramsey, Raim, etc. Even a few folks who said they were there before it
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 8, 2005
      You'd be completely surprised ... join and find out.  Charles O'Connor is there, Regina Ramsey, Raim, etc.  Even a few folks who said they were there before it all became official, but still tried to make it so. 
      Meisterin Katarina Helene von Schönborn, OL
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      This is quite exciting to me, but I suspect few will remember me--I was, in 1974-1975, one of the founding members of what became Drachenwald.  My name was Tarana Wolcott of Glastonbury then, but I changed it shortly after returning to the West. 

      Thanks for communicating the list.

      Mary Taran

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