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Re: [medievalsawdust] Need wood

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  • jrwinkler@msn.com
    Yep, Kate will be on the Silver Thimble South team. [By the way. Seamstress is a cool event, I went up there last year with the team as support staff .
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 18, 2003
      Yep, Kate will be on the "Silver Thimble South" team. [By the way…  'Seamstress' is a cool event, I went up there last year with the team as 'support staff'.  It would be a hoot… assuming that we could find a place with enough electricity for all the power tools… to do something along these lines with woodworking… TOTALLY IMPRACTICAL… but man would it be fun…    hummm… on the other hand, power tools, pointy objects and 20+ straight hours of working over them…  maybe this isn't such a hot idea….]
      What I'm looking for is some turning blocks in soft maple and alder.  Diameters between 4" and 5" are desirable… many of the examples of the cups I've seen seem to run around 4.5" O.D. but, as we all know, standards weren't all that standard so there's some play room here. (if blocks.. a minimum length of, say 5" or so…)     I could use total of about 3 linear feet of maple and about the same of alder.  As there are a variety of cup designs there is a fair degree of flexibility between the two diameters.   Cured wood is preferable (saves steps) but green would do in a pinch…  no heartwood (actually, pieces that look like they were taken from a roundwood half would be cool but I'm not THAT picky…).
      I am much in your debt sir…  the biggest desire to acquire this wood isn't for my own project (although I'm planning on turning out a few for my own use) but for for a fellow Scadian here that I'm teaching the art of turning to…  he is holding an archery competition at our upcoming Spring event in April (?) and wants to turn a couple of period cups (documentable) to give as prizes…  unfortunately, as I noted in my previous letter, the local stores around here while normally pretty fair, are a little short in this department at the moment and don't seem overly encouraging about improvements any time soon…
      Your most obdn't servant -
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