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Re: [medievalsawdust] A&S Round II

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  • jrwinkler@msn.com
    I d say that drawings fall into the same guidelines as photos and paintings. It depends on the quality, source and context in which they re used. Modern
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 26, 2003
      I'd say that drawings fall into the same guidelines as photos and paintings.  It depends on the quality, source and context in which they're used.   Modern architectural drawings of period pieces (a la' Mobal Europas) that are documented as being true to an extant model… or measured archeological  renderings would, in all probability be acceptable in most environments as primary sources if they are properly cited and referenced.   My quick and dirty sketch of a bench I saw in Morroce, on the other hand, wouldn't even make a good tertiary source…
      Part of 'knowing your stuff' and determining what is primary and what is secondary information is being able (or prepared) to defend the sources that you use.  WHO is the author/artist and WHAT do they really know about anything?   Does their work represent THEIR OWN WORK an extant example… or are their writings/drawings based on the writings/drawings of somebody else who actually saw/studied the original piece?
      Drawing/paintings and photos can be primary, secondary, tertiary or just plain JUNK… all depends on how well documented they are and how you are using the information in them.   An example of a photo that is JUNK is the wonderful photo that was taken in Victorian England of the girl with the faries dancing around her…  most folks hadn't heard about double exposures and other tricks and took that photo to be proof positive of the existence of faries…   and then there's "the Doctor's picture" of the the Loc Ness monster… and that picture of you with the two goats, three chickens and a giant turnip…   but I'll swear on a pile of lathe shavings that it has no more validity that picture of me with Santa Claus just as long as the payments keep coming in…  ;-O   [Heck Farin… for you'l I'll even burn the negatives!!!]
      Up way too late, I remain -
      >> So would you consider the drawings and stuff to be primary or
      secondary sources?

      >> BTW I got the book last Oct. I found the
      turned canisters I was looking for in it :)

      >> Farin
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