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Plywood better than plastic WAS:Re: lazy bjorn recliner

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    ... better than Coleman camp furniture. It s not very hard to make, and isn t horribly expensive. [...] My thoughts on periodness of anything is, if I at least
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 23, 2005
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      --- In medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com, "Brian Tychonski"
      <BrianBroadaxe@M...> wrote:
      > Yeah, plywood furniture isn't period, but it looks a hell of a lot
      better than Coleman camp furniture. It's not very hard to make, and
      isn't horribly expensive. [...] My thoughts on periodness of anything
      is, if I at least get people trying to make things that at least look
      sort of period, some of them will eventually try to make things that
      are. In the interim the level of appearance of the encampments is
      improved either way. [...] How much better would an event look if
      everyone at least had wooden chairs, chests, and tables? [...]They
      also required minimal tools and minimal skill to produce. They also
      produced far more ambience than one piece of furniture surrounded by
      plastic tubs, ice chests, and folding campchairs ever would, no
      matter how magnificent that one piece might be.

      For what it's worth, I am more of this same opinion -- plywood is
      better than plastic (although IMHO yellow pine is better than ply
      <g>). And there *is* some evidence of "laminated" wood in the 1000
      years of SCA-era, is there not? just no evidence of it being used for
      furniture? I don't think there is *any* evidence of the existance of
      plastic ...

      I think it's worth while to AT LEAST encourage folks to trot down to
      their local BigBox HomeStore (tm) and get the store to slice up a
      bunch of 1x12s, and hammer these into 6-board boxes. Heck, even
      wooden crates from the local craft store ($6 on sale) are better than
      Rubbermaid, IMHO.

      [Master Will, maybe you want to plug the MeridianWW Mary Rose project

      My first thought for my SCA equipment is that it not be screaming
      modern, and jerk me back to the 21st Century -- the "Somewhere in
      Time" approach. The SCA is its own culture, whether we like it or
      not, and has its own material culture and artifacts (such as plywood
      recliners). It also seems to me that it's a much smaller jump,
      behaviorally, from 6-board pine boxes to poplar or oak hutches, than
      from plastic to wood. The first step is the biggest, and hardest.

      I think it would be a wonderful thing if every newcomer to a group
      be gifted, or at least loaned, a cheap 6-board box. This could be
      handled by the Gold Key, and would certainly make the newbie feel
      welcome! (of course it's easy for me to say this, since I'm not
      currently affiliated with a group, and am not going to get tapped to
      make these! <g>)

      IMHO/YMMV --

      Gillian Durham
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