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  • jrwinkler@msn.com
    Howdy Mikhail - Yep. The Book is the answer to yer prayers. It talks rather extensively about both face turning and spindle turning. Face turning was
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 26, 2003

      Howdy Mikhail  -
      Yep… 'The Book' is the answer to yer' prayers.  It talks rather extensively about both face turning and spindle turning.   Face turning was achieved using a mandrel and there are drawing showing how a period lathe might be constructed and some darned good discussion by the author (who bases her knowledge both on artifact evidence and 'experimental archeology').  
      There's another handy book out there titled "Turning Green Wood' which, although modern, has a lot of excellent information with regard to understanding the character and nature of green woods, turning, shrinkage, etc.  I'll post the ISBN as soon as I dig it out of my bag from the event this weekend.
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