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Early Swedish Furniture Survivals Book

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  • rmhowe
    These are various citations for the very same book. After Kinkos destroyed my first copy by slicing the spine off irregularly so it couldn t ever be rebound it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2005
      These are various citations for the very same book.

      After Kinkos destroyed my first copy by slicing the
      spine off irregularly so it couldn't ever be rebound
      it took me a while to get another. It had come 'uncut'
      on the page edges and needed to be trimmed where the
      eight page signatures were folded and sewn in.
      The idiot did the spine and not the page edges.
      If you buy one you might get ones unopened as I did.

      However for those of you interested
      in early Swedish furniture, mostly just post viking, it
      is fairly definitive. This was a post-graduate level thesis.
      Now that I have one again I will share the information.

      You might try http://www.ronnells.se/ or
      http://www.ZVAB.com/ if bookfinder.com or abebooks.com
      don't turn up anything. Or you might interlibrary loan
      it. The copies I have seen on the web usually run from
      a low of $40 to about $85 plus postage. If this interests
      you it is a primary and fairly unique resource. It is
      in black and white drawings and photographic plates.

      Karlson, William: Studier I Sveriges Medeltida Möbelkonst; .
      [A Study in/of Swedish Middle/Ages Furniture/Art.];
      Publisher: Lund: Lindstedts, 1928; 151pp. with 8
      figures plus 42 monochrome plates. Wrappers, uncut, 29x23cms.
      Swedish furniture from the Middle Ages, including carved
      benches, beds, stools, seats, chests, presses (cabinets for
      linens and clothing), and a cradle. Some line drawings and
      lots of photos. Swedish text, French summary.

      I think he found most of the existing stuff pre the Mastermyr
      Tool-chest find and and a lot (probably most existing pieces) are
      in the book. Most were in churches, which as usual, and is how
      medieval furniture usually has survived.
      Mobel basically means movable. A curious name for furniture
      used in various slightly different terms in Europe to describe it.

      KARLSON , WILLIAM: Studier i Sveriges medeltida möbelkonst. Lund,
      Lindstedts, 1928. Illustrerad i texten. ( 6 ) 152 + 8 sidor + 42
      planscher. 4:o. Kartonnerad med omslagen som pärmpapper. Liten skada på
      ryggen annars fint exemplar. - On the medieval art of furniture in
      Sweden. With "a résume" in French, all other text in Swedish.

      William Karlson: Studier i Sveriges Medeltida Mobelkonst, 1928.
      Magnus Malleus, OL, SCA; Regia Anglorum - North America; The Manx;
      Great Dark Horde. Mundanely R.M. Howe
      Great Barony of Windmasters' Hill - Central North Carolina.

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