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Re: Bone, Antler, Ivory and Horn Reprint

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  • rmhowe
    ... Magnus ..................... ... ...................... Thank you for letting me know privately. I am unfamiliar with Cooks myself. [Sounds a bit like
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2005
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      >> Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2005 9:00 AM
      >> Subject: Re: Bone, Antler, Ivory and Horn
      >>> Someone wrote:
      >>>> I saw your article about Macgregor's bone antler ivory and horn being
      >>>> reprinted. I went to Barnes and Noble and could not find it. Any
      >>>> idea? Thanks, <>
      > Patience springs to mind.
      > I can't whip the English book printers from North Carolina.
      > I'm just very glad they are doing it.
      > It is not very similar to the York only book by the same
      > man and similar title.
      > All I know is what a Regia Anglorum Archaeologist told
      > me he saw on an Archaeological list. And I passed that on.
      > [He said Barnes and Noble was supposed to reprint it
      > according to an archaeology e-list he subscribes to.]

      S wrote again:
      > Thanks for the reply. I did find the reprint available in the USA from
      > Cook's in Connecticut. It was 35 bucks and in stock. They have a UK
      > branch, Oxbow books that also had it, but costs and shipping was from
      > the UK. Barnes and Noble showed nothing.
      Thank you for letting me know privately.

      I am unfamiliar with Cooks myself.

      [Sounds a bit like David Brown Book Co. which is also in Connecticutt
      and is the American Branch of Oxbow. They have a standing order which
      may last several years in my case.]

      David Brown Book Co.
      P.O. Box 511, Oakville, CT 06779
      Customer Service - Melanie Palleria
      toll-free number 1 800 791 9354 8/02
      860-945-9329 11/04
      or Fax at 860-945-9468 11/04
      Jim does orders on web at 800#

      I take Aricept, anti-cholesterol, synthroid and aspirin for blood
      thinner, and so does my sister-in-law.
      Why should we be the only ones who blotto once in a while? :)

      Now you know the price and where it is probably available through.

      This is referring to the 1985 book by Dr. Arthur MacGregor called
      Bone, Antler, Ivory and Horn, which is dissimilar from most of the
      York Archaeological Trust book of the same title, circa 2000, which
      limits it to one city instead of being a discussion of techniques
      appliquable to a fair portion of Europe including the pre-viking
      towns in Great Britain from pre-Roman times onward as I recall.
      If I recall wrongly, I suppose I should qualify that by saying I
      have books and articles on the subject in a number of languages
      from the British Isles, and a good portion of western Europe and
      Scandinavia. After a while the details of so many things blur a bit.


      BTW. Gale Owen-Crocker's new revised book on Dress in
      Anglo-Saxon England is out.
      I got mine from Oxbow/David Brown Book Company today.
      I have heard a rumor it might be a limited printing. My cost
      was $50, which is a lot less than the only copy I have seen
      in the last six months of the 1986? unrevised edition sold for -
      listed at $125 plus shipping.

      The wife has her paws on it presently.
      Came sometime in the last 9 or ten days I was out of town.

      As I own the 1985 and 2000 B, A, I & Horn books I don't think
      I need a reprint, but thought you might like to know.

      To my fellows who longed for one, it is much less than the one I
      bought from Master Finnr's estate [Who longed to have it reprinted
      for you which is why I did it. He mentioned it in a nearly final
      email to me his last week.] in an attempt to get a second copy
      for a reprint that I couldn't successfully arrange.
      I hope the late Master Finnr, a true prince of a fellow, will
      be happy at that.

      And Walter Bowman of Atlantia and the Manx, thanks for letting
      me buy it from the estate when you wanted it too to help to
      send it for an attempted reprint. It is on the west coast.
      I still haven't gotten it back. Honest.

      May much rejoicing be heard.
      *Everyone can stop asking me now.*

      BTW. David Brown relies on surface mail generally across the
      Atlantic. I might not expect these things in January or February.
      Unless you pay more for it.

      Magnus Malleus, OL, Great Barony of Windmasters' Hill; The Manx;
      Regia Anglorum North America; Great Dark Horde.

      *** Please do not repost my email address on the Rialto or any
      usenet newsgroup. SCA or other reenactor subscriber based email lists
      are okay. Your friends are okay.
      No, I don't sell the books myself.
      Nor do I print them. Ask Oxbow.
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