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RE: Johann's workbench

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  • John LaTorre
    ... The Workbench Book, page 9. The drawing is described as a 1505 drawing by Nuremburg engineer Loeffelholz (which name translates, curiously, as wooden
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 24, 2004
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      Chris wrote:

      > Where did you get the vise design?

      The "Workbench Book," page 9. The drawing is described as a "1505 drawing by
      Nuremburg engineer Loeffelholz" (which name translates, curiously, as
      "wooden spoon") the original of which can be found in the Deutsche
      Stattsbibliothek, Berlin. My redaction is just a slightly simplified version
      of what I think the original might have looked like. The illustrated bench
      also shows an end vise on the same bench, which I dispensed with for
      simplicity's sake, and haven't missed.

      Landis has a very good section on the origins of threading, as well, on
      pages 122-123.

      > I''ve been interested in the simple Roubo bench featured in the
      > Workbench Book. No vises at all, just stops and holdfasts.

      That's a nice one, too. But I like vices ... I mean, vises ...

      Baron Johann von Drachenfels (John LaTorre)
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