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  • C N Schwartz
    How sweet! Except, I never go to court. The King never would have caught me when I was new, nor now. ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 12, 2004
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      How sweet!  Except, I never go to court.  The King never would have caught me when I was new, nor now.
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      <<This is where many newcomers think the SCA is ignoring them - but in the
      vast majority of times they are not being ignored at all - they won't
      know you are new and need help if you don't tell them.>>
      Depends who's on the throne here in Atenveldt. One of our former kings made it a practice to call everyone who was at their first event up to the front of court and introduce them to the populace. It was the usual three questions: What's your name? Where are you from?, Are you having fun?  Thanks for coming, hope you enjoy yourself. And then on down the row the king would go. Hard to feel unwelcomed when the king is introducing you to the entire populace at court. I really like Atenveldt. We haven't had a real jerk on the throne since I've been here. Of course seeing as I've seen marshals pull fighters from crown list for rhino hiding, the jerks have a limited chance of winning crown.
      Brian Broadaxe

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