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German Archery and Weapons books / Shield book / Costume and Dress Accessories Books for reenactors.

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  • rmhowe
    In an effort to promote authenticity, make reenactorism less ethno-centric, and provide sources for people to make their garb and accessories with I recommend
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2004
      In an effort to promote authenticity, make reenactorism less
      ethno-centric, and provide sources for people to make their
      garb and accessories with I recommend the following:

      The title is: Berichte über die Ausgrabungen in Haithabu, Bd.33 :
      Das archäologische Fundmaterial 6 [Archaeological Find Material VI]
      Die Schwerter aus dem Hafen von Haithabu / Pfeil und Bogen in Haithabu
      (Swords, Arrows and Bows in Hedeby);
      18 x 25 cm, 148 [pages] Seiten, zahlr. Abbildungen + Tabellen
      [pictures and tables], 1998, ISBN 352901933X
      von [by] Kurt Schietzel, Alfred Geibig, Harm Paulsen
      Amazon-price: EUR 49,00
      A Euro is about a dollar and a quarter in U.S. funds presently.

      Since this is an archaeological series do not expect it to be
      around for very long. Many in this series are long out of print.

      This is a book on the archery related finds from Hedeby, once in
      Denmark, but now in Germany, where it is known as Haithabu.
      The town was begun during Viking times.
      It documents the swords, sword fittings, surviving bows, arrows,
      arrowheads, and a quiver, which was better depicted in a much
      earlier, and virtually impossible to obtain volume.
      In German but well illustrated, the book to have for Viking Age
      Pfeil und Bogen zur Merowingerzeit. Eine Quellenkunde und Rekonstruktion
      des frühmittelalterlichen Bogenschießens.[Arrows and bows from
      the Merovingian Age]
      von Holger Riesch
      Amazon-Preis: EUR 24,00

      This is a remarkable book about a great many bows and archery
      related material, in addition to recreated ones and experiments
      with the same from essentially Dark Age Europe - the Merowingian
      or Merovingian Age of the Folk Wanderings and it includes much
      material on archery from all over the European area from the
      300's to about 1,000 AD. Very good illustrations, and many
      items covered. Includes quivers. Reconstructions of the items.
      In german but so well illustrated it doesn't need a whole
      lot of explanation if you know [archery-wise] what it is
      you are looking at. Bone armguards.
      Das Bogenbauer-Buch [The Bow-maker's Book]
      von Flemming Alrune, Wulf Hein, Jürgen Junkmanns
      Amazon-Preis: EUR 29,80
      Covers archery construction methods from the stone age forward.
      Shows how to make the items.
      Der mittelalterliche Reiterschild [The Medieval Knight Shield]
      von [by] Jan Kohlmorgen
      Amazon-Preis: EUR 24,00
      Covers nearly all of the surviving Shield examples in European
      museums of wood and leather construction. Some have complex
      decoration and built up designs. Charts in the back give
      the compositions and details and dates of the many different
      shields and there are experimental reconstructions well
      depicted using period and modern materials inside the
      book. Really, this book stands alone on the subject
      after the ancient period.
      For costume and armor and weapons constructional details for
      central European reenactors I recommend the following author:
      Ulrich Lehnart

      Kleidung & Waffen der Früh- und Hochgotik, 1150-1320 von Ulrich
      Lehnart; Karfunkel-Verlag (Juli 2001) ISBN: 3935616007
      [Costume and Armor of the early and high middle ages]

      Kleidung & Waffen der Spätgotik, Teil I: 1320 - 1370
      von Ulrich Lehnart; Karfunkel-Verlag (Dezember 2000)
      120 Seiten [pages, in color] - Karfunkel-Verlag;
      ISBN: 3980564282

      Kleidung & Waffen der Spätgotik 1370-1420;
      von Ulrich Lehnart; Karfunkel Verlag; 2003; ISBN: 3935616112

      All are very well illustrated hardbacks, generally in color
      and cover all details of the costumes for males and females.
      In that regard you would also enjoy the following:

      Fibel- und Gürtelmode der Hochgotik [Brooch and Belt Style
      of the High Gothic] a small paperback by
      von Gösta Ditmar-Trauth; EUR 8,59
      70 Seiten [pages] - Karfunkel-Verlag; Dezember 2000
      Auflage: 1. Aufl. ISBN: 3980564274
      [A book on costume in the early to high middle ages in
      Germany] von Gösta Ditmar-Trauth
      Karfunkel-Verlag (August 1999)
      Hardback, 260 pages, Karfunkel-Verlag; August 1999
      Auflage: 1. Aufl. ISBN: 3980564231
      I have all the above books and I highly recommend them.
      Ideally they really ought to be translated into English.
      But they are so well illustrated you can get by without
      a general knowledge of German.

      I've been buying and amassing archery materials
      since the 1960's and some of it is a lot older.
      Believe me when I tell you these are good books on the

      Some fine books are available from Angela Hornig Verlag
      or http://www.karfunkel.de/
      Karfunkel has excellent books on arms and armor from
      the german middle ages and Renaissance as well as
      costume, and cooking books.
      If you have trouble ordering the books on German Amazon
      pages, simply open another browser page on http://www.amazon.com/
      and compare the two as you navigate through the order and payment
      pages, as they have the same templates in different languages,
      or simply write to Amazon.de in Germany at English@....
      They have excellent service.
      My Merovingian archery book got lost in the mail [at least
      once] and they sent a replacement. How it got out of a box
      with two other books I don't know but it did.

      In service,
      Master Magnus Malleus © R.M. Howe
      SCA, The Manx, Regia.org, Barony of Windmasters' Hill.
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