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Re: Decoration of wooden items

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  • windsingersmoon
    By etching he probably means incising which would esentially been the same type end result in wood. And where someone was right, any cutting directly into
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 30, 2004
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      By 'etching' he probably means 'incising' which would esentially
      been the same type end result in wood.

      And where someone was right, any cutting directly into wood with a
      line that removes no wood, Would just close up again (sorta) there
      is actually a technique to keep the cut line/incising/etching clear
      to see.......I've used that technique on the 12-line saga poem on
      the outside of my Viking Wood-carving shop.....
      But here's where I become a meanie
      This (the period technique) used to do it is my very most closely
      guarded 'secret' everyone should have one, this is mine...I
      discovered it only after years of serious research and there's
      sealed envelopes with the secret inside to pass on-to my best
      students, in the event of my sudden passing. (even my Lord Husband
      does not know and he's deeply hurt by my lack of trust in him to
      keep it a secret, but 'trust' has nothing to do with it. He has no
      use for the information, as he's a metal and leather worker)

      I don't mean to be so mysterious, but I've often been accused of Not
      being able to keep a 'secret'....so this is the ultimate proof that
      I can...it won't be lost....I just want to see if my students can
      and will make the effort to find it on their own....I did. (It's
      also buried deep in my files, if someone were to know where to look,
      so who-ever inherits my files would discover it in any case, even
      without an envelope) The method goes back to Viking times. The
      poem on the outside of the wall is quite readable, and no wood was
      lost in the process...
      Shara/Asa(ps, on Varnishing, Hugh of Ravenwood wrote an excellent
      article on that for TI.....I have it in my files, my scanner is just
      not working.....)

      --- In medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com, Gary Halstead
      <ghalstead@a...> wrote:
      > Yeesh, man. You could probably write a book on the subject.
      > (Unfortunately, I'm fairly sure no one has). See the article at
      > http://www.medievalwoodworking.com/articles/finishing2.htm for
      more info
      > on some of these. Additional comments are below (these are off
      the top
      > of my head, so no references). I can get a more specific if you
      > narrow down what you're looking for.
      > Ranulf
      > Wolfram Troeder wrote:
      > > > Etching? (Right expression?)
      > Etching is usually done with acid on metal. I don't think this is
      > word you're looking for.
      > --------------------------------------------------->
      > > Varnishing?
      > The concept of varnishing is early (12th C. or so), but we don't
      > much evidence of its use until the 16th C.
      > > More?
      > >
      > > Even if this is a global question, specific answers are welcome.
      > >
      > > Thanks
      > > Tassilo
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