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[Regia-NA] World Cat--Research tool]

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    ... To: list-Regia-NA Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 11:56 AM Subject: [Regia-NA] World Cat--Research tool
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      Subject: [Regia-NA] World Cat--Research tool

      > This was posted on an SCA list by Nancy Spies, who
      > does lots of textile research for her books. She says
      > "in the US", but then says it asks for zip-code,
      > province, or country, so I suspect it's worth trying
      > out for people in Canada and perhaps other places as
      > well. They do call it "WorldCat". I live in a small
      > town and rely heavily on interlibrary loan (ILL) to
      > find stuff. Anything that can make the wait shorter is
      > a good thing as far as I'm concerned.
      > Jan/AElfwyn/Edwinna
      > WorldCat, a program that allows you to find the
      > location of a book in
      > academic libraries in the US, is now available through
      > Google. WorldCat gives you
      > academic, university libraries, not public libraries.
      > 1. Type in the title of your book in inverted commas,
      > i.e. "Italy, Sicily, and the Mediterranean".
      > 2. On the search results list, look for the entry that
      > starts "Find In A Library" and go there.
      > 3. You'll be asked to enter a postal code, province,
      > or country. (And
      > apparently it is remembered, because now I just have
      > to type in the book title
      > without reentering the zip code every time.)
      > 4. You will then get a list of the local academic
      > libraries that have that book. For example, I live
      > in northern Maryland: the list of libraries that have
      > the book on Italy includes ones in Maryland, DC,
      > Delaware, PA, and VA.
      > This is a truly awesome research tool.
      > Please pass this message to everyone and anyone who
      > might be interested.
      > Nancy
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