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  • windsingersmoon
    Well, it s only been 17 years....I think my membrey was prutty gud for someone I met that
    Message 1 of 12 , Jun 24, 2004
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      Well, it's only been 17 years....I think my membrey was prutty gud
      for someone I met that long ago and didn't even spend 3 days with...
      heck, I can't remember most folk's names from one event til the
      next !
      But yeah, Cleftlands rings a bell....
      (just don't let him practice voodo on any of his patients.....the
      next time I saw him he told me that he had had a string of bad luck
      after the Pennsic I met him at (guilt maybe, for acting like a jerk)
      and he went to someone and they told him it "sounded like someone
      had put a curse on him, and was there maybe anyone he might have
      crossed who'd be angry enough to do that to him...?" "If so, he
      needed to write that person's name on a piece of paper and lock it
      in a drawer....and if his luck improved, it was 'proof' that that
      person had put a curse on him.."
      So he locked my name in a drawer, and sure enough...his luck
      improved,....proof to him I'd put a curse on him for what all had
      happened at Pennsic.)
      I denied it, of course, but he insisted he Knew it to be true.
      (the scary thing is, the man was dead serious!!!)
      That is The Silliest bunch of non-sense I have ever heard out of a
      man of Hugh's mature years!!!
      So he bears watching if he's still a chiurgeon....he'll be using bat
      wings and voodo dolls next if he hasn't already......
      S. (ps, hope someone can get a copy of that article out of him,
      dispite my personal experience with the man, it was Still a good
      article and I'm glad to have it in my files someplace.....)

      In medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com, Joseph Hayes
      <von_landstuhl@y...> wrote:
      > > Hugh lives in Mid-realm, OH if I remember correctly.
      > > No, have no current contact info for him.
      > The Midrealm Arts Martial database has the following as contact
      > Hugh of Ravenwood
      > William S. Savage
      > 6712 Glenalla Dr
      > Seven Hills, OH 44131
      > 216-524-6151
      > Ulrich (current regional marshal)
      > > I did run into him there a year or two later, and he said he was
      > > (then) Kingdom Chirurgeon
      > Not in the Midrealm. He was a local (Cleftlands/Cleveland)
      > but that's it.
      > Ulrich (former Kingdom Chirurgeon)
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