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Re: [medievalsawdust] 14 th C chests

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  • Dan Baker
    I got a new one I am working on. A rebated clamp front chest. 15th-16th century (mostly 16th) And they seem to be unique to Wales, from what I can find of
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 7, 2004
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      I got a new one I am working on. A "rebated clamp front" chest. 15th-16th
      century (mostly 16th) And they seem to be unique to Wales, from what I can
      find of them so far. Big though, about 4 feet long, going to be our new
      garb boxes. I will have pictures and plans soon, I have found at least 4
      examples of it in Museums. Right now I am working from a picture.

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      >Well...there's always the 6-board chest on my website
      the nice thing about this design (specifically for SCA camping) is that
      its rugged, and, if ya' put em' in your truck right you can still slide the
      pavillion poles underneath of them... the original chest was dated closer
      to the late 16th c... but the basic style was used long before that...
      >One piece of advise on chest for encampments... if hauling space is
      limited in any way... figure out what space you have in your wagon and then
      build the chests to fit the conveyance... its amazing how much more
      wonderful your life can become if you give an inch here... and add an inch
      there. In the original packing mode... I built the chests I use to stand
      over the rear wheel humps in the bed of my pickup... just over. Kept the
      height down and allowed me to square out the load...
      >I haven't built any of Diehl's things... more because I like to try to
      reproduce what I find in pictures... but that's just me... so I can't
      comment on his plans based on first hand experience...
      >On the other hand... chances are pretty good that if ya' look through
      the manuscripts and find a chest ya' like somebody on this list could
      probably help ya' work out plans to build it... (hey... start a trend!)
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      > Subject: [medievalsawdust] 14 th C chests
      > Greetings,
      > I am interested in making a few wooden chests for my SCA encampment.
      > am looking at the later part of the 14 th century. I was considering
      > using the plans in Diehl's book Medieval Furniture project 10 The
      > Paneled Coffer. But I have read some posts on this list that think
      > poorly of these books.
      > So any comments on these specific plans?
      > Any suggestions for plans that I should look at or purchase/
      > I have a stack of red oak sitting outside (it has been air drying for
      > two winters now) of various thicknesses 1 to 8 cm thick. Before I put
      > in the sweat of trimming it and planing it I want to have an idea
      > pieces I need.
      > Regards,
      > Richard
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