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  • chris roberts
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    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 4, 2004
      --- croberts85us <croberts85us@...> wrote:
      > As I mentioned in my lats post, I am new to the
      > site. I work at a
      > historic site in Manteo, NC Our site deals with
      > englands first
      > attempt at colonization. The year was 1585, two
      > years prior to the
      > Lost Colony of 1587 and 22 years before Jamestown.
      > Sir Walter
      > Raleigh Sent 7 ships to the New world with about 600
      > tradesmen and
      > soldiers. No women came as part of the
      > colony-bummer :(
      > The ships all ran aground trying to come into the
      > islands. Many of
      > the foodstores and animals were thrown overboard.
      > With this "minor "
      > setback they decided to only leave behind 108 men to
      > stay.
      > These men Stayed on Roanoke Island for 10 months and
      > went back to
      > England With Sir Francis Drake.
      > Some of the cool things about the colony.
      > On the way here one of there small ships called a
      > Pinnace broke loose
      > from the Tiger. They built a replacement for this
      > ship about 25-30
      > tonne ship in 9 days. Granted they had a few
      > hundred men building it
      > but no plans no power tools and they had to set up a
      > forge to do the
      > ironwork.
      > They built the fortification and houses in 3 weeks.
      > Our site has a Bark of 50 tonnes called The
      > Elizabeth II which I have
      > had the pleasure to sail on numerous times- climbing
      > the rig, I
      > really enjoy rigging the ship. It is very rewarding
      > to watch all the
      > lines come together and then sail the ship.
      > We have a settlement site that shows what life would
      > have been like
      > during the first few weeks after the colonist
      > arrived. As I
      > mentioned before I have been building a half
      > timber-framed blacksmith
      > shop. I am currently hewing logs which will become
      > a
      > woodworking "Lean to " similar to ones found in De
      > re Metallica. We
      > also have tents set up.
      > We have a 8500 sq ft museum tracing the history of
      > the outer banks
      > from 1585- present/.
      > We have a movie "docudrama" showing the natives
      > perspective of the
      > english comming to the area- far fetched but decent
      > movie. And much
      > much more
      > As you can tell I really enjoy the place and I sound
      > like an ad for
      > it.
      > As soon as I can I will post some of my work.
      > Chris

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