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  • Omer
    The group I am a part of is having an 18th century life ways event (best name for it I can think of ) at stone mt. This month. Dan A fellow wood addict and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2004
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          The group I am a part of is having an 18th century life ways event (best name for it I can think of ) at stone mt.  This month.  Dan A fellow wood addict and I, along with all my kids, will be doing 18th century woodworking.  Have made repairs to an old,5 or 10 years bow lathe we found in the barn at the park.  Might do some work with that but other wise Nothing fancy just building some shaving horses and such.  The letter that follows is one we sent to our members.  You are most welcome to visit.  If you have 18th century clothes stay the weekend.  A fiddlers party is now planed for one of the nights.   We hope to have blacksmiths, cooks (park is supplying food stuffs), creeks, flint nappers, etc.etc......  My e-mail is omer77@...

      Well we're one month into the New Year and already there is something
      really exciting on the horizon. Stone Mountain Park in the Atlanta
      area wishes to do an annual "Frontier Days". Even better is the fact
      that they want the COHT to organize, plan, and execute the event. This
      is an excellent opportunity for our organization from many different
      aspects. I encourage each and everyone to put the dates of April 29-
      May 2, 2004 on your calendar, and plan on making it out to Stone
      Mountain. The staff there is excited about our group and what we do,
      and are welcoming us with open arms. They have committed to feeding
      us, providing materials for the crafts we demonstrate, and allowing us
      to keep the projects we complete once the event is over. The
      blacksmith shop, period kitchen (complete with walk in fireplace),
      smokehouse, garden area, cabins, and village area are just some of the
      things they are providing for our use during the four-day event.
      They plan to bring between 3500 to 4000 grammar school students per
      day out on Thursday and Friday, and educate them to the fact that
      Georgia actually had a history before the Civil War. We need to do our
      part by demonstrating as many different crafts, trades, or day to day
      functions as possible from the 1730-1820's time frame. Saturday and
      Sunday the park will be open to the general public and will be a good
      opportunity to recruit new members, or have people see the different
      wares that we as a group can and do create. (Due to a problem in the
      past with traders selling cheap trinkets, we cannot vend at this
      event, however business cards can be displayed and/or dispersed.) We
      feel that once they see what type of organization we are, this will be
      lifted for future events.
      The possibilities for Stone Mountain becoming a "Historical Playpen"
      are very strong, and the future here looks very bright. There are many
      opportunities to do demonstrations, as well as learn from others, at
      this event. No matter how new or inexperienced you may feel, there is
      a need and a place for you at this event. Let's pull all the resources
      and knowledge within the Georgia COHT together and show them what
      Georgia's history was really like, through the many talented people in
      our organization.
      Please RSVP whether or not you will be attending, your persona, any
      materials you might need, and the number in your party. If you do not
      at this time have a trade or skill, but would like to learn one, or
      have one in mind contact us as well. We will try to put you in contact
      with someone that you can learn from over the next 2 months. Remember
      that most of the settlers on the frontier were jack s of all trades,
      and masters of none. New members, here is your chance to learn. If you
      don't have time to learn before the event, come on out anyway and
      we'll find something for you to participate in when you get there.

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