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  • Brian Tychonski
    Thank you all for your replies. I was just trying to get a feel for the parameters within which I would feel comfortable engaging with other SCA members. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2004
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      Thank you all for your replies.  I was just trying to get a feel for the parameters within which I would feel comfortable engaging with other SCA members.  I will be attending my first event on March 13th (The Winter's End Collegium and Competition in Huntsville, AL).  Shoes and headgear be damned....let the fun begin!
      Parameters? Parameters? We don't (well we do but that doesn't mean we actually follow them) stinking parameters. I've been in for almost 13 years at this stretch and didn't get my device registered until I had been in for 10. Now I actually have to emblazon it on my shield. I normally just have part of it on my banner, a silver winged boar on a blue field.
      I'd moved around so much that everyone assumed that I had my AoA. After 6 years, I made the prediction that I'd get it when pigs flew or hell froze over so I told a herald in the East Kingdom what I wanted my device to look like. She said "That's pigs flying on a cold day in hell. Why do you want that?" After she picked up her jaw from hearing that I didn't have my AoA yet, she said " I thought you had that years ago." Six months later, I emailed the King to recommend someone for an award and he told me to come to the next event and they were being taken care of. When I said I had to be in Chicago that weekend, he told me that someone I knew was getting an award the following weekend as well. I took that as a hint and made up a bunch of leather tokens with winged boars on them. When I arrived at the event after work, they opened court and gave me my scroll. I told them that there was a prophecy as to when I would receive it. Would they mind distributing the tokens to the crowd. The king started chuckling, and the queen was doing her best to retain her composure when they saw the winged boars. The king held them up, announced what they were, tossed them into the crowd and declared "Pigs have now flown." So I received my AoA on the day that pigs flew in the East Kingdom, by royal decree.
      BTW I was the hospitaler (in the East the Chatelaine) who had watched over the members who I was emailing about when they autocratted their first event 3 years earlier. They were young and newbies and I pulled them aside every so often to make sure they got something to eat and some sleep. I also provided loaner garb when their families came to see what their college kids were getting themselves into.
      Welcome to the world's largest and longest running college theme party, please come in and enjoy.
      Brian Broadaxe
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