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  • James Winkler
    Dude... show up. Have fun... ENJOY. ... YEP... ... Nope... ... Dreaming is good... achieving dreams, in time... can be even more fun... ... Never give up...
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
      Dude... show up.  Have fun... ENJOY.
      >>Should I come as I am? 
      >> Should I wait until I've reached a certain level? 
      >> Should I dream of the day when I have a week's worth of period
      garb and a complete campsite totally period to my persona? 
      Dreaming is good...  achieving dreams, in time... can be even more fun...
      >>  Or, should I just give it up now before I've spent any more
      time and money because, it really doesn't matter how OOP you are as long as you have a good time?
      Never give up... never give in...  (Tim Allen said that...)  How 'period' you get... or 'out of period' you choose to stay depends on what YOU want... not on what WE want...  yer' askin' the wrong folks.   Just understand that the if ya' wanna' make lemonade... having lemons is useful.... on the other hand... if you want to make orange juice... lemons don't help much.  (Decoded:  If you just wanna' party... cool.  You'll find the party-hardy crowd and there ya' go...  if you dig the shiny plate armor crowd... you're probably going to *eventually* need shiny plate armor.  Most people in the SCA are pretty good about helping folks 'get there'... and being patient about it... but if you claim your dream is to be a fighter... showing up to fighter practice and the list on occasion is generally a better way of showing your interest than simply talking about it.
      When I started I lived in a plastic pimple, had the worst armor in the world and had the REALLY BAD ACCENT that sounded like a combination of one of the Gabor sister and Boris Bettanoff of 'Rocky and Bullwinkle' fame.  BUT I HAD A BALL...  and still do for the most part.  But... over the years what I've wanted to get out of the game has changed...  I made choices...  I don't live in a plastic-pimple any more (well, I still have it...  and do, occasionally use it...), I don’t' wear the green painted jump boots to fight in any more... and I've gradually built up my suite of furniture and garb so that I look somewhat more medieval than I did 12 years ago...  
      The one thing to always remember though... the SCA is like being handed an erector set with an infinite number of parts in it.  Its all about what YOU want to build and what you want to get out of it.  There are more nooks and crannies to this game than there are in Middle Earth and the range of personalities is infinite...  THAT'S what makes the game so much fun.
      ... just keep in mind that NOBODY has a patent on 'the right way to play'... and when you find a cool game to play... you won't have a patent either...  tolerance is the key to our game.  Both having people be tolerant of our own eccentricities and personal interests... and us being tolerant of theirs.
      Welcome to the fun... enjoy... and always remember...  life is way to important to be taken seriously.  Oh... and a pleasant attitude and a ready hand to lend to the effort will almost always get you further in the SCA than what you own...
      Welcome aboard -
      Here's my perspective as an SCA Newbee.  Sitting here today, I have one set of garb and one in the process of being made.  I still don't have period footgear or headgear.  I don't have a pavilion.  I haven't quite finished researching the basic storyline for my persona, and the personas of my lady wife and Scadian daughter.  I have my device done, but haven't even strated on thiers.  I want to get us all registered, with devices, at the same time, so technically, I'm not even in the SCA!  Sould any or all of these shortcomings preclude me from coming to an event to observe, learn, and interact with others? 
      From this perspective, my attendance at any event gives me the opportunity to see the level to which I can take this endeavor.  I realize that there are those who will cease to strive as soon as they have reached the minimum acceptible standard.  But, is that the "norm" in the SCA?  What would be the point of being there at all with that attitude. 
      I seek your collective wisdom.   
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