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Mastery in the SCA

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  • Jerry Harder
    The title is Master of the Laurel Outside the general requirements to be a peer of the SCA - another whole can of worms, One can say that a woodworking
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2013
      The"title" is "Master of the Laurel" Outside the general requirements
      to be a "peer of the SCA"- another whole can of worms, One can say that
      a woodworking laurel should know something about woodworking. There is
      a whole spectrum of knowledge and directions and angles to which
      knowledge in any craft can be explored. One could, to use an example
      previously mentioned, know how to use every tool necessary and all the
      design criteria necessary to build a viking ship. That does NOT make
      him/her a laurel. What I feel is the most important issue or quality is
      machine may also be worthy of a laurel, but I would suggest that his
      knowledge on period aesthetics and period design would have to be as
      spectacular as the the ship builders ability to design and build ships
      with period tools, and it is the aesthetic and design knowledge that he
      should be sharing and his laureling should be based on. The teaching of
      CNC machinery is irrelevant. There is a body of work and knowledge that
      needs to be sufficient. In reality the more "out of the box" that body
      is the more extensive it needs to be. Remember a peerage is not like a
      boy scout badge and it is crown who gets to decide.
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