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Re: Leather Hinges?

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  • tessa_rat
    Vels, I ve made a folder in the photo s section. It s named Fitz Wilhelm s Photos. I just added a few pics there. A caveat though. I didn t have a great camera
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 28, 2013

      I've made a folder in the photo's section. It's named Fitz Wilhelm's Photos. I just added a few pics there.

      A caveat though. I didn't have a great camera and getting shots of the back of chest was particularly awkward since they are invariably put against a wall. So, these are overview shots and you re just going to have to take my word about the snipe hinges. At the time, I was struck by how many of the chests used that type of hinge (the great majority).

      I'm working from memory, and some of these may not actually have used snipe hinges, but they are representative.

      I think that it actually make sense on a large chest where a very precise fit won't really make much difference in operation, vs a small casket, or a cabinet door, where it would. (plenty of examples of these latter two types with very fancy hardware from the same period)

      Also note, that all of these chests are roughly the same size (big). I am in one of the pics so you can get an idea of scale from that one. They were clearly semi-permanent pieces of furniture, not traveling suitcases.


      --- In medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com, Vels inn Viggladi <velsthe1@...> wrote:

      > >
      > >I've
      > seen "Gimmal" or "Snipe" hinges on a lot of large, heavily carved
      > southern German 16th century >chests. Definitely not limited to small or
      > inexpensive boxes.
      > >
      > >Friedrich Wilhelm
      > Cool! I'd like to see those. Do you have a link or pictures you can share?
      > I've used them on chests, but haven't found any examples of them on extant pieces.
      > Vels
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