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Re: Wooden Screw Thread update (link to pictures)

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  • Chris
    Your link has a pretty funny typo! Here s the one that works: http://scawoodprojects.wordpress.com/
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 17, 2013
      Your link has a pretty funny typo!

      Here's the one that works:


      --- In medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com, "Peter Ellison" wrote:
      > I have finally figured out how make pictures and some text visible.
      > I dropped them on a blog:
      > http://scawoodprojects.woodpress.com/
      > A couple of posts that
      > show the tooling and post that shows the final output mounted in a
      > "Moxon Vice".
      > Overall the project was a success, if
      > you want to see them in person I'll have them an an SCA event in Minnesota
      > in Feb. 9th I'm teaching a class (teaching is a strong word, sharing what
      > I learned would be a better term).  Also I'll be teaching a workbench
      > class and a structural analysis class on cathedrals.
      > So at this
      > point since I have made all of the screws that I will need for a while,
      > still need to make a nut for a leg vice in a new workbench that is in
      > process.
      > Moral of the story, if you want a vice screw, pay a
      > nice person to make you one.  If you like adventure and think wood
      > screws are really cool this is a doable project it just takes time.
      > Peter
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