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  • Avery Austringer
    Methinks Master Hal has been hacked.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 24, 2012
      Methinks Master Hal has been hacked.
    • Wolf
      All of you, sit DOWN! Hands in your laps. You too, Graham. Get back here, and sit down. Now, Avery s right - it appears Master Hal has been hacked. And he s
      Message 2 of 3 , Jun 24, 2012
        All of you, sit DOWN! Hands in your laps. You too, Graham. Get back here, and sit down.

        Now, Avery's right - it appears Master Hal has been hacked. And he's said that he's working to clean up the mess. I don't know how long Master Graham has been a member of the list (or how long he's been online), but he asked a legitimate question - and the answer is "No, the link I got didn't appear to have anything to do with working from home." I didn't follow the link, I quit reading it after I saw something about 'mandingo'.

        We didn't need the whole "spamity spamity spam" thing, cutesy as it may have been, to figure out what it is. Most of us have been online long enough to figure that out. We've also been online long enough to know that the best way to deal with it is that lovely little button that says "Delete" and then move on.

        Spam happens - I know that "I" have been getting spam messages since...oh, 1995 or 1996. It's a consequence of having an email address. And I've had something like 20 email addresses, so this ONE little email is trivial compared to what I've gotten over the years. My Lady's work email address alone AVERAGES 100+ spam messages...

        Per DAY!

        So just sit back and relax. When you see a spam message on the list, do two things - first, send a private email to the account that sent the email (assuming it's "one of us", and not some name you don't recognize from the list), and GENTLY point out that a superfluous email came from their account. Give them the opportunity to A.) fix the problem; or B.) at least check and see if the message "did" come from their account. There's this little thing called "spoofing", and it's entirely possible that that is what happened.

        Second, delete the offending email, and then move on.

        Up until now, this list has had an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio. This recent schoolyardesque spate of emails hasn't done anything to maintain that.

        Don't make Baron Conal pull the list over - trust me, it will NOT be pretty! Those of us who have been on the list since......ohgeez, forever it seems......we cringe at the thought.

        Now, can we PLEASE get back to Medieval Sawdusty things? Let's start with an update where everybody is, and I'll get it started:

        Unfortunately, I've had to move from my nice, toasty back-porch workshop in Tucson, to the Nevada/California border area near Reno. My tools are all packed in storage, and will probably be that way for a while, since there's no place to set them up. On the up-side, my Lady has promised that once we get a storage building for the rest of our accumulated "junque", we'll start saving for another building (hopefully 9'X9', since there's this thing about buildings over 10' on one wall, and needing permits) that will be all mine. AND, I picked up a nice little table-top table saw - I'll tell more about it, once I can get to it again. A "Sears" model, I think, which of course means that somebody else made it and Sears put their name on it. Anyway, it's a real table saw, with a fence, and a miter gauge, so no more back-breaking ripping of boards with my grandfather's rip-saw! The down-side is that I had to leave my workbench - but it was getting old, and a little bit wobbly, and since I made that one, I can make another one.

        HEY! Look at that - I've already got a project on the table, so to speak. Once I finish with the list of "other" projects SWMBO has for me.

        Okay, who's next? What's on "your" list of things you're doing/going to do?
      • Julian Wilson
        Well, Wolf, since you ask - read what s just appeared as projects for immediate attention - Oooh, nice couple of e-mail orders the night before last - a
        Message 3 of 3 , Jun 24, 2012
          Well, Wolf, since you ask - read what's just appeared as projects for immediate attention -
          Oooh, nice couple of e-mail orders the night before last - a replica 15th.C. rope-suspension "state" bed and a set of gothic-themed, flat-packing, shelves, for delivery at "Raghlen ffair" in 8 weeks time. Added to an order for a dozen oak trenchers, and a request to restore a 200yr.old crucifix said to have belonged to Jersey's "martyr priest" Matthieu De Gruchy [executed 28th Nov.,1797, at the beginning of "The Terror"], - that little lot is going to keep me happily busy for about 170hrs.
          Beats hell out of spending the whole of last month  re-instating floors and making proper cable-access traps  behind the data-cabling contractor in our 'new' house, and mapping the underfloor Services while doing so, - the latter job, though neccessary, was just boring, and gave me an aching back and sore knees.

          In connection with the crucifix, would any other woodworking historian - knowledgeable about our Craft's minutiae - care to suggest a date when automatically-machine-made woodscrews became generally available in Brittany? Or any metalworking historian care to comment on French Latten and  Spelter-casting between 1750 and 1800?

          Matthewe Baker, SCA, Drachenwald.

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