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[Fwd: Fwd: Blackadder! First Series Reruns]

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  • rmhowe
    Sorry about the message that came through. I haven t even seen that on my machine. Maybe it s a Bellsouth Server problem. ... I am informed of the above by
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2004
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      Sorry about the message that came through.
      I haven't even seen that on my machine.
      Maybe it's a Bellsouth Server problem.
      To Repeat what I actually sent:

      > Poking around BBCAmerica, noticed that the first (Medieval) series of
      > Blackadder will be showing starting this Friday!

      > They're doing 3 iterations of each show, a Friday night and two on
      > the following Saturday. 4 episodes. Jan 16 - Feb 7.

      I am informed of the above by Chimene, or Mrs. Gerekr, as she
      modestly describes herself. :)

      In terms of worthy contributions they have a major medieval site.
      Ravensgaard. If you have never seen it, perhaps you should.
      I just checked to make sure it is still there.

      The medieval page is now at
      http://www.ravensgard.org/gerekr/medieval.html ;
      The Norse page is now at
      http://www.ravensgard.org/gerekr/norse.html ; and
      the SCA page is now at
      http://www.ravensgard.org/gerekr/sca.html 12/01
      Look for Master Gerekr's Woodworking pages while you are

      Thought some of you might like to see Black Adder. Been a long while.
      I own the first series myself but no sense in you all missing it.
      There were four series total, the second is Elizabethan.

      "Never ask a Welshman directions, Osric, you'll be picking spit
      out of your beard for a week!" I can hear the Anglo-Saxons in Regia
      chuckling now.

      When -I- was poking around BBC America's shop this week I noticed
      that they have three of the Monty Python and the Holy Grail
      figures for sale under their History section, or was it comedy?
      This would be King Arthur and his two bestest buddies, all 7" high,
      just right (I think) to counterpoise against your Lord of the Rings
      action figure set. "Beware the Vorpal Bunny! Pass the Holy Grenade
      of Antioch!"

      King Arthur (played by Graham Chapman), Sir Bedevere (played by Terry
      Jones), and Sir Robin the Brave (played by Eric Idle).
      Search Monty Python Figurines Set on

      Amazon.com and Toys r Us (I think) has the LoTR action series.
      Museum Replicas and Arms of Valor carry the costumes, swords,
      and other weapons from the movies.

      No one has ever considered me quite normal. :)
      But I do like to think I add a bit of fun to our games.
      Thank You, Chimene. I'm sure many people will enjoy it.

      Master Magnus, OL [SCA], Barony of Windmasters Hill, Regia.org,
      Manx, Great Dark Horde brother.

      *** Please do not repost (with my address on it) to usenet newsgroups.
      I get enough spam and hacks as it is. Even from Asia.
      This is a service. Please don't abuse it.
      Your local kingdom, canton, shire elist or friends are fine.
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