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RE: [MedievalSawdust] Re: Appropriate hinges?

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  • Bill McNutt
    Heh – I had to do that once, too. A guy showed up in camp with bone needles asking how tight our hand drill press chuck got. It went to zero. So we chucked
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      Heh – I had to do that once, too.


      A guy showed up in camp with bone needles asking how tight our hand drill press chuck got.  It went to zero.  So we chucked up his teeny, tiny, bits into the giant chuck.  We disengaged the drive mechanism and just turned it by the handle, letting the weight of the chuck push the bit.


      A man with a manual drill press in camp never lacks for company.




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      Oh, I wasn't even thinking of trying to hold it- if I can figure out how to clamp a proto-sewing needle, I can clamp a hinge.  (And yes, it's amusing- borderline ridiculous- to chuck up a drill bit the thickness of a cat's whisker in a floor-mount drill press.)


      I make maille jewelry, and coil my own rings on an aluminum knitting needle chucked up in an old variable-speed corded drill.  That little guy has a lot less power than my drill press, yet as you're getting close to the end of the wire, even running really, really slowly, that sharp end can whip around scary-fast and slice a deep gouge in a heartbeat.  And that's 22-gauge sterling, not 1/8" thick hardened steel...

      -Kat Ferneley


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      > > Hold the work firmly--it may try to twist on you as the bit comes out the

      > > far side of the hole.
      > Do be careful, many a cut has been caused by the work going helicopter
      > on someone. If you even get an inkling of this, clamp, clamp, clamp.
      > The clamps can hold it tighter, and the clamps won't bleed.

      I'd go one better, don't even chance it! Clamp and/or CA glue any metal you are drilling on a press to a sacrificial piece of wood, and clamp that wood to the table of the press.

      It's hard to fit boards when one is minus a finger or three.



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