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Medieval Lives Continues / Barbarians to Start / Troy and King Arthur Movies

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  • rmhowe
    Terry Jones Medieval Lives is continuing with Alchemist & Minstrel January the 17th. (Or so I am told). I have no idea how many are in the series. They have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 2004
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      Terry Jones' Medieval Lives is continuing with
      Alchemist & Minstrel January the 17th. (Or so I
      am told). I have no idea how many are in the series.
      They have been playing at 7-8 pm on the History
      Channel. http://www.historychannel.com/

      Similarly The Barbarians (interesting looking ads
      keep running all the time showing great mobs hacking
      violently at each other) begins Monday the 19th-Tuesday
      the 20th on the History Channel at 9 e.s.t./8 central.
      There are four programs - Vikings, Goths, Huns, and Mongols.
      Vikings and Goths on the 19th. Mongols and Huns on the 20th.
      Two Parts - Four Hours.
      One gets the impression that they would run out of
      actors very quickly in all the mayhem. It looks worse
      than a bunch of Drunken Irish Butchers in Gangs of
      New York. http://www.historychannel.com/barbarians/
      You can pre-order this thing (and a lot of Viking
      programs, and Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, etc.
      from the webpage.) I think I'd wait and see it myself.

      I seem to be noticing some massive differences in VHS
      and DVD prices recently (like in the Acorn catalog I
      get on English Programs) with DVDs being much cheaper
      all of a sudden.

      Of newer interest are some new programs coming to the
      theaters between now and summer. Braveheart/Gladiator/
      LoTR fever has struck in a massive way indeed.

      Troy starring many heartthrobs, I've seen the posters
      and website only so far. But the website looks impressive.
      May 2004.
      King Arthur which is set in post Roman Britain
      and has them attired (I have seen the ads for this
      one in the theaters) in late Roman, or derivative,
      armour and looks to be interesting. The trailer looks
      better than most movies what may have been left of
      the Roman civilization in Britain and the armor and
      costumes I find depicted in my books of the period.
      This does not appear to be on the internet movie
      database yet. http://www.imdb.com/
      but it is on:

      You may notice in the upper left that Hidalgo is in a
      pull down menu. This is what Viggo Mortenson is doing
      for the spring or summer. Aragorn in the LoTR trilogy.
      The previews for that look great. A western set in
      Arab lands.

      For anyone who may be interested the television movie
      starring Alex Kingston in Warrior Queen (Boudica, Boadicea)
      is currently for sale in the usual video estores. It doesn't
      contain anything that wasn't on the television (as I had
      hoped, it looked really disconnected at times).

      Having gotten a larger television screen recently
      I have discovered that flaws are all the more obvious in
      my favorite series. The smallish horde of Celts is quite
      apparent as is the glaring lack of authenticity in the
      Roman armour and shields, which one would think could be
      easily overcome in this age of growing Roman Reenactment.
      Their shields is the most glaring, resembling large
      metal cardboard barrel lids for all the world.

      Master Magnus, OL, Barony of Windmasters Hill, Manx,
      Regia.org, Great Dark Hordebrother.

      *** Please do not repost to usenet newsgroups.
      Your local Kingdom, Canton, Shire elist or friends are fine.
      This is a service. Getting me spammed or hacked isn't.
      Thank you.
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