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Re: [medievalsawdust] Glastonbury Chairs

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  • Dan Baker
    Very nice. I have seen your website before. I was (and still am) quite impressed. I have seen some other chairs of the Glastonbury type. That are put
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 2, 2004
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      Very nice. I have seen your website before. I was (and still am) quite

      I have seen some other chairs of the 'Glastonbury' type. That are put
      together differently. The back is wider then the seat in 4 or 5 other
      examples of period chairs of the same type. This, along with the outside
      leg being attached at the back instead of the front, make everything line up
      parallel instead of that wierd 5 degree slant in the arms. I am under the
      opinion (my opinion) that the Glastonbury either...
      1. It was altered a lot in the 1800s before any pictures were made (and we
      know it was rebuilt)
      2. It was made for a specific person and he needed a wider seat, maybe he
      was kind of pear shaped.
      (and we know it was made for a specific person)
      So either hypothosis is reasonable, or maybe neither of them. I have seen a
      picture of which parts of the origianl chair survived and were rebuilt in
      the 1800s, and if I remember right, it was the arms, the crest rail at the
      top of the back, the chair side-rails(seat and back), and the center of the
      back of the seat, not all of it. The rest was lost, so, its anybody's guess
      as to the way the chair was originally made. I just dumped that picture of
      surviving pieces of the original into the photo section, look under Rhys'
      stuff. I also stuck in a pic of the pine and plywood prototype for my
      Glastonbury Thrones. Although the final thrones will have the original
      Glastonbury style arms. and be put together slightly different, but it won't
      show unless you take it apart.


      Many of these other chairs are on Albionworks website
      A very handy site lots of good stuff. I know Colin is on this list too. He
      can probably give more info.
      In service to the dream,

      Lord Rhys, Capten gen y Arian Lloer
      Privateer to the Midrealm

      Arafu at dawnsio mewn adlaw
      (Take time to dance in the rain)

      Cymru am byth ("Wales Forever")

      >Greetings Dan!
      >I am Alfric Rolfson (mka Ralph Mason). Sounds great that you are making
      >Glastonbury style chairs. I too have made a couple of this type out of
      >oak for the Barony of Three Mountains in An Tir and they are a couple of
      >most comfortable chairs I have ever sat in.
      >Please post photos of your work when you are finished.
      >Happy New Year!

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