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Re: [MedievalSawdust] Re: "overengineering "

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  • W. Roberts
    Heh, funny ( funny as in unique, different , not funny as in ha-ha ). Maybe I grew up reading too many books from t other side o the pond, but the way I
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      Heh, funny ("funny" as in "unique, different", not "funny" as in "ha-ha").

      Maybe I grew up reading too many books from t'other side o' the pond, but the way I read it was more along the lines of "research and learn X, continue researching and learn Y which is a newer study of X, revise opinion of X, repeat as needed"

      As for the "conspicuous consumption" aspect of 4-legged chairs, that certainly makes sense to me. And, I think that's what I was getting around to with my "conservation of resources" post, in a round-about way. :-)

      Regarding the "expert"........I'm sorry to say that I've met WAY too many so-called amateurs who've known far more than the folks with alphabet soup at the ends of their names. Most of the highly-edjoomacated I've encountered couldn't find their derriere with both hands and a road-map - for some reason, "theory" seems to push "common sense" right out their ears.

      Now, if the expert had said that only royalty had _elevated_ chairs, that I'd buy - saw an example yesterday on Rick Steve's Europe! (yeah, great resource huh? Throne room of Christian IV, I think)


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      As someone from a modern engineering & design background I say revise a LOT more than study...

      Corollory: Remember for every vision, there is an equal and opposite re-vision.

      Valentine Lyme

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      > Inter-cultural Language note for Mah Fellow Umercuns: Julian (and other
      > residents of the Mother Country) will say "Revise" where an American will
      > say "study."
      > Will
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