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* Secrets of the Viking Warriors on the NGC

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  • rmhowe
    Pardon the headers but Yahoo is all of a sudden getting picky about blind copying lists and list owners with yahoo addresses. Previously I tried to make your
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2004
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      Pardon the headers but Yahoo is all of a sudden getting
      picky about blind copying lists and list owners with
      yahoo addresses. Previously I tried to make your headers
      as short as possible. When ten came back on one post
      this week I learned they changed their policies.
      National Geographic Channel ran the excellent
      Secrets of the Viking Warriors last night.
      Sorry, I heard about it twenty minutes into the
      first program. However, I am informed it will
      play again next Saturday (dunno what time exactly).

      I wanted to buy it but it doesn't seem to be available
      from the National Geographic on line store.
      It's in the series National Geographic Ultimate Episodes.
      If anyone knows where to buy a North American compatible
      VHS or DVD of this thing please let me know.

      I noticed Kim Siddorn of Regia, and a lot of unacknowledged
      Regia members seem to be in it. So was Professor Dan Carlsson,
      Ole Crum Peterson, and a few other notables. There were some
      new theories I'd never heard of.

      People are a good bit different when you watch them walk
      and talk just like real folks might. Changes your perceptions
      a bit as opposed to email correspondence.
      Stonehenge Monday, January 5, at 9 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT
      History Channel

      Friday, January 9 8-9am History Channel
      Secret Passages: Castles and Palaces
      repeats: Friday, January 9 2 - 3pm

      Saturday, January 10 7-7:30pm History Channel
      Terry Jones' Medieval Lives
      The King
      Saturday, January 10 7:30-8pm
      Terry Jones' Medieval Lives
      The "Damsel"

      The first two, Knight and Monk, were full of actual historical
      bits concerning the less than ideal life-styles of both.
      As usual there was the ancient Monty Pythonesque illustrations
      at times, but some good ones as well. 22 minute overviews.
      Of course, with all of 22 minutes to play with you can
      cut and paste anything you like into it.

      On the 18th 8 est/9 central new Barbarians programs are
      supposed to play on the same channel.
      Vikings, Goths, Mongols and Huns.
      Since they are only doing half month webpages now
      I can't check that one yet. It's been being advertised.

      Beware the A&E network, it has been infected with
      the HTTP_PERL_OVERFLOW attack and has tried to
      download it from the store website on me twice
      in the last few weeks. Comes from
      Use a firewall if you go there. A&E sells the
      History Channel's videos.

      I'm not saying it's all great TV but new (to us).

      Master Magnus, OL [SCA], Regia.org, Manx, GDH

      Please do not repost to usenet newsgroups like the
      Rialto (rec.org.sca). Your local group elist or
      friends are fine. I get enough spam and attempted
      hacks as it is. This is a service. I don't need
      additional aggravation please. D. Meadows,
      you are always welcome to cut and snip. The lists
      I write to are limited to 1100 or 1600 AD roughly.
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