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Re: [medievalsawdust] Lathes

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  • James Winkler
    Chuck!... there are some nice 4 jaw chucks out there for wood lathes... now, granted it doesn t get around the I ve already got one issue... but... one
    Message 1 of 10 , Jan 5, 2004
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      Chuck!...  there are some nice 4 jaw chucks out there for wood lathes...  now, granted it doesn't get around the "I've already got one" issue... but... one thing to think about while using a metal lathe...
      Ya' ain't just kickin' up chips here...  and you'll probably do the wise thing and... after cranking up the speed a bit to finish your turning and get a nice smooth cut...  crank it up a bit more and lay the sand paper to it to get the really nice finish...   and then... perhaps, while it still turning, decide to apply wax or friction polish... 
      ... while you're doing all of this, of course, you're drippin' (Drippin'??  Did I say 'Drippin!'?  I should say 'being thrown around  by the spinning wooden object in front of you...') gunk, and mixing with some pretty fine sawdust and all of that is getting in and on the various drives and gears on your metal lathe...  
      ...  sure ya' don't wanna' get a good wood lathe???
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      Part of the reason I want to use a metal lathe is that I'm getting one already and secondly I like the idea of a chuck for mounting things.
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