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Period Encampment/Demo Area at Great Western War

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  • John LaTorre
    Greetings, all. Forgive me if you re reading this on multiple lists. I m trying to get the word out to as many people as possible. As some of you probably
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2010
      Greetings, all.

      Forgive me if you're reading this on multiple lists. I'm trying to get
      the word out to as many people as possible.

      As some of you probably know, there will be no Period Encampment at
      Estrella War next year, due to divergence between the goals of the
      participants and the War staff that now appears to be irreconcilable.

      However, a number of participants at previous Estrella War period
      encampments met last weekend at Great Western War, and have decided to
      petition the GWW staff for petition to hold a similar encampment at GWW
      next October, as part of their excellent Arts and Sciences activities.
      As we currently envision it, it will be functionally equivalent to the
      Period Encampment/Demo Area that we've had at Estrella from 2003 to
      2009. It will consist of two closely related activities:

      1. A period encampment, where participants come as close as they can to
      presenting a campsite with no obviously modern artifacts visible. The
      idea is to create a space where it's easier to slip into the mind-set of
      being in a medieval environment, and to show how folks can incorporate
      the neat stuff in the encampment to their own campsites. We don't insist
      that everything be documentably period, but ask that the more modern
      stuff be disguised or hidden away behind curtains and such. If you have
      reservations about whether your kit is acceptable, please write me
      off-list and we'll talk about it. You can find a synopsis of my approach
      to period encampments at http://midtown.net/dragonwing/periodencampment.htm

      2. A period demo area, where period crafts are practiced in an
      environment where people can see what's going on and maybe even
      participate to some degree. The demo area isn't a "performer's showcase"
      in the sense of having rigid visiting hours and set performances, but
      more of a "craft village" where those who are interested in doing a
      period craft can do so in an area where people can watch them. At
      Estrella War, we've had a woodworking shop, wood-fired ovens, a textile
      dye shop, a smithy, a bowyer, spinners and weavers, even a chandler.

      The "authenticity bar" isn't set as high at the demo area as it is in
      the encampment itself, since many crafters still rely on things like
      plastic buckets, propane tanks and burners, and such, but an effort is
      still made to keep the blatantly modern stuff covered or camouflaged.

      My question to you is: would you be interested in participating in
      either or both of these areas at the Great Western War next year? If so,
      please let me know. Drop me a line 0FF-LIST telling me who you are, what
      the size of your proposed encampment is, and whether you'll be
      participating in the demo area. Once I get a handle on how many
      participants there will be, and how much space might be required, I'll
      submit a formal request for space allocation.

      Feel free to cross-post this to any other kingdom, group, or artisan's
      lists that you think might be interested. I'm hoping in particular that
      many people who have found it difficult to travel to Estrella War in the
      past might find this new location more convenient.

      Yours in service,

      Johann von Drachenfels
      West Kingdom
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