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Re: [MedievalSawdust] Rope bed

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  • Sean Powell
    Well it s not nearly as pretty as Bayard s or as historically accurate as Bayard s but it is done. This is a twin sized bed frame based VERY LOOSELY on the
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 27, 2010
      Well it's not nearly as pretty as Bayard's or as historically accurate
      as Bayard's but it is done. This is a twin sized bed frame based VERY
      LOOSELY on the Byzantine rope bed. At least it functions the same way.
      Corner posts are 4x4 fir. The rails are 1.75" hand-railing (yes there
      are flats) and the head and foot boards 1x6 and 1x8. The headboard was
      added simply to keep the pillow from walling off or bumping into wet
      canvas on a rainy night. Took 100 ft of rope to lace it. I'm thinking
      about adding a boat cleat someplace inconspicuous so the tension rope
      can be easily cinched down and anchored.

      Comments and critiques welcome (warning, pictures may be large) and
      sorry about the poor background. It was dark by the time I got it laced



      On 7/24/2010 9:34 AM, Ron wrote:
      > My apologies if this appears twice. I sent it last night, but don't see it in the messages.
      > Sean asked recently about the rope bed from the ivory carving at the Victoria and Albert museum. I built my version a few weeks ago, and have posted several pictures in my Photo folder (Bayard's Work).
      > I made mine in ash. I turned the legs with a square section to receive a through mortise from the longer side rails on one face, and a 1" diameter hole on the other face for the round tenon on the end rails. I turned the end rails with coves to hold the ropes at the correct spacing, but used a rectangular section with rounded-over corners for the side rails. The shape is stronger in bending, and I wanted the ropes to be able to slide along the length when tightening. I didn't include a dowel between the main weave of ropes and the tightening rope, but it seems to work well without it.
      > The whole thing breaks down into 8 pieces, which I carry in a Panther tent pole bag. I've had it out at one camping event and got a number of positive comments. One family wanted to know if the posts could be modified to make a bunk bend.
      > Bayard.
      > ------------------------------------
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