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Re: [MedievalSawdust] Scribe's chair

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  • Helen Schultz
    I could find only one web site http://tinyurl.com/2argnao (scroll down past the advertisements) about them in a Google image search (other than the one you
    Message 1 of 2 , May 11, 2010
      I could find only one web site http://tinyurl.com/2argnao  (scroll down past the advertisements) about them in a Google image search (other than the one you mention from Master RanthulfR), but have seen many of them in manuscript illuminations.  It would take me a while to search them out, but it is possible to find you a few images in books.  One book I could suggest you look at is "Medieval Illuminators and their Methods of Work," by Jonathan J.G. Alexander.  There are several images of these chairs in the first part of the book.  Look for books on Romanesque illumination, as that is the time period where most of these chairs were depicted (there are some a little later into the Gothic era, but not a great number of them).
      ~~ Katarina Helene
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      From: poetryqn


      I'm generally a lurker, and wanted to thank all of you experienced hands for sharing your expertise along with plans and photos of your work. While I haven't built anything *yet*, hope springs eternal.

      Got a question for you. I've been searching for period illustrations of scribes' chairs - the kind where the desk part slides into braces built into the arms of the chair. (sort of like the medieval version of a TV snack table). I know in the recesses of memory I saw a web page where multiple images were gathered, but so far I can only come up with this one:
      http://www.randyasp lund.com/ browse/scribepg/ scritool. html

      Does anyone else have pictures, plans or insights?



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