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Re: [MedievalSawdust] Re: Small project of the month?

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  • Alex Haugland
    Great! I ll keep an eye out for any helpful links and things. Perhaps one of the best resources we have as far as easily accessible visual media is the
    Message 1 of 15 , Apr 18, 2009
      Great!  I'll keep an eye out for any helpful links and things.  Perhaps one of the best resources we have as far as easily accessible visual media is the television show, The Woodwright's shop, which, though not specifically of a period emphasis, does emphasize hand tool woodworking, and often does period appropriate projects and techniques.  Unfortunately my local PBS affiliate has stopped carrying it in favour of another power tool heavy show, but it is online, with a few seasons, including the most recent.  It can be found at:


      To find the videos, click on schedule, then watch video online or past seasons to see the wide range of episodes.  I bring this up because he has done several mortise and tenon joints in various projects and goes over the techniques in a variety of different ways.  In addition, he did an episode in the 27th season called "The Sordid Blacksmith based off of Joseph Moxon's Mechanik Exercises, published in the 17th century, on making hinges, based on the instructions in the original text.  Though those hinges are folded and forge welded, the basic ideas taught would also potentially apply to building hinges out of sheet stock.  Other highlights from recent seasons include an episode on the Mastermyr find (A Viking Tool Chest), a wonderful example of late period woodworking and carving in the form of a 17th century Bible Box (Peter and the Box) which would be probably particularly useful for anyone considering the first small project for May, simple wheel building (English garden Wheelbarrow part 1), Buckets (white cooperage with Norm Pederson), and for a favourite of mine, the Foot Power lathe episode, which I got to build an example of in a workshop with him in Portland, OR, last summer, and many, many others. 

      --Alysaundre Weldon d'Ath
      Barony of Adiantum, An Tir

      Karen wrote:

      --- In medievalsawdust@ yahoogroups. com, Conal O'hAirt Jim Hart <baronconal@ ...> wrote:
      > What do you guys think about a small project of the month?
      My lord, I would be very interested in this idea; I wish to learn how to make mortise and tenon joints, perhaps to make a small footstool, plus other types of joints such as pegged mortises, finger joints, and how to do hinges for chests and boxes from sheet stock.

      Eydís Gunnarsdóttir

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