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Re: A Wood finish

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  • bayard_turner
    Bob Flexner, author of Understanding Wood Finishing , wrote an article for the Spring 2008 American Woodturner. He says that all the Salad Bowl Finishes ,
    Message 1 of 15 , Aug 8, 2008
      Bob Flexner, author of "Understanding Wood Finishing", wrote an
      article for the Spring 2008 American Woodturner. He says that all the
      "Salad Bowl Finishes", etc., are simply alkyd varnishes thinned with
      mineral spirits - "wiping varnishes." They contain the same driers as
      any other varnish and are no more or less safe. All the driers used
      in varnish and drying oils like BLO are approved by the FDA (Bob says
      to google "21CFR175.300" and click on the top link). His contention
      is that all finishes - varnish, drying oils, lacquer, etc. are
      "food-safe" after they have fully cured.

      Given that information, what finish would handle rough use over time
      best? A surface finish, like poly, lays on top of the wood, and
      provides good protection from water, drool, etc. An oil like BLO
      soaks in, but offers little protection at the surface. I'd go with
      what works best for you on other projects.


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      > You can get a can of "toy maker finish" from a wood store such as
      Rockler or Woordcraft. I have a can. It says it is child safe after
      three or four coats when cured 48 hours after the last coat. I have
      not used it -- stopped making things that needed that sort of thing,
      so can't tell you how it does.
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      > Can anyone recommend a wood finish that is baby safe? I want to make a
      > toy for my grand daughter and want to make it paint/finish safe.
      > thanks
      > Iain Griffen
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