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Re: [MedievalSawdust] (OT) long term tool storage

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  • leaking pen
    As stated in my original reply, Michaels, which is a craft chain store, i believe they are nation wide. Also, a lot of gardening stores, but not the gardening
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      As stated in my original reply, Michaels, which is a craft chain
      store, i believe they are nation wide. Also, a lot of gardening
      stores, but not the gardening centers at home depot and such, usually.
      It also gets mixed with soil, as, when soaked, it will slowly let off
      moisture, so it keeps soil damp longer.

      I know there are some even cheaper places online, as a local house use
      to buy in bulk online for creating a non spoiling jello for jello
      wrestling at parties.

      And rebecca, Ive had gas out of a steel can 20 years old that burned
      in a car just fine. And in this case, I meant that i grabbed the
      handle and lifted, and the entire bottom half of the plastic jug
      seperated and remained stuck to the floor, a red gooey blob. the gas
      had dissolved the actual plastic, not just turned gummy. (if it does
      turn gummy on its own, reheating it to about 130 degrees f will cause
      the carbon chains, which have linked, to reseperate, and the whole
      thing to turn and stay liquid again. )

      On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 11:15 AM, Bill McNutt <mcnutt@...> wrote:
      > Who are "they," and where can "they" be found. I could use some bulk
      > desiccant.
      > Will
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      > You put gasoline in metal because it will DISSOLVE plastic. even the
      > special plastics they use for some emergency gas cans now, ive had one
      > of those stored with gas in it for about 3 years in the garage. the
      > bottom had turned to a gasoline gel. (napalm anyone?)
      > plastic done right will certainly seal out moisture. one of its
      > biggest points when plastic was first introduced was its impermability
      > to fluids.
      > as for rice, it will not absorb the air below about 5 percent
      > humidity, whereas the dessicant will take it to nothing. And they
      > sell it in bulk for about 3 bucks a pound.
      > On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 5:31 AM, Rebekah d'Avignon
      > <rebekahdavignon@...> wrote:
      >> I read what others said and agree.....for the most part.
      >> Plastic will not seal out humidity - but it will slow it down (this is why
      >> you don't store gasoline in plastic, it draws moisture).
      >> Oil or grease will keep moisture away from metal parts, but instead of
      >> shelling out for a dessicant (little bag packed away to absorb moisture)
      >> you
      >> can take a coffee filter or paper towel and add a handful (more or less)
      >> of
      >> rice, then staple it shut. The rice will act as a dessicant (that's why
      >> restaurants put it in the salt shakers).
      >> beorn@... wrote:
      >> HELP!
      >> I am looking a a significant job change that will lead my family and I
      >> travelling to different locales 3 to 4 times a year. There is no point in
      >> keeping a home where we live now and so this means liquidating a good
      >> portion of our lives and storing the rest. I can liquidate some of my
      >> tools
      >> but I don't want to replace my hand tools or my table saw, they are very
      >> good friends as I'm sure you understand.
      >> does anyone have the best tips on how to store these items safely without
      >> resulting in too much oxidation or other damage, they may possibly be in
      >> storage for several years.
      >> Your advice is appreciated
      >> Thank you
      >> Beorn the Oldwolf
      >> .
      >> RdA
      >> Tools alone do not a craftsman make.
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