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Re: [MedievalSawdust] Re: Wood Preparation

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  • Jim Looper
    Ummm... What is the Wurth Group ? L~ ... From: kirkdrago To: Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008 6:30 PM
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      Ummm... What is the "Wurth Group"?


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      > I get most of my wood from the Wurth Group now, which is already
      > milled 3 sides. But on occasion I still go to a supplier where the
      > wood is rough cut. In that case, I'm willing to pay the extra $10-$15
      > to have him prep it for me. He's got the industrial sized jointer and
      > planer that can do in 5 minutes what takes me a day.
      > Kirk
    • AlbionWood
      Part of me understands this - stock prep can be tedious, just operating machinery. It s not the fun part for me either. And if it s for a sale piece, I m
      Message 2 of 8 , Jul 1, 2008
        Part of me understands this - stock prep can be tedious, just operating machinery.  It's not the fun part for me either.  And if it's for a sale piece, I'm basically not getting paid for that time, at the prices I charge.

        Part of me wonders why you don't consider stock prep to be part of the project.  The reason I do it myself, rather than buying surfaced lumber, is to get a result that I can't get any other way - the same reason I build furniture in the first place.  It's just part of the process.

        Part of me notices that you approached the bed project in a modern way - the entire design is predicated on the existence of machined lumber.  Whereas the crossbows are done in an almost entirely medieval way, hand-shaping by eye.  It's not surprising that you derive a lot more satisfaction from the crossbows!  The bed could have been built by someone with relatively little woodworking skill, whereas your crossbows are the products of your special skill.  Put another way: The bed project replicated something done by modern factory workers in Asia; the crossbows replicate something done by craftsmen in medieval Europe.

        (Not intending to slight the bed, btw; just trying to illustrate a point.)

        Those are my thoughts.  I rarely have much use for S4S lumber, because (a) the projects I build don't generally call for standard-dimension boards, and (b) I don't like the surface they leave, so I'd have to plane the show face anyway.  Things like bed slats I might get S2S.

        Tim (Colin)

        Siegfried wrote:
        Just something that came to me during my last (bed) project.

        I realized just how much I hate 'wood prep'.  Just in the sense that it isn't part of the 'fun' time to me. 

        Of course, for those that might not know, by 'wood prep' I mean taking rough sawn lumber, and turning it into nice straight clean boards.  Literally between the process of:  Table Saw for clean/straight edge, Jointer to true it, Table Saw for other edge, Jointer again, and repeated applications (many many) of Jointer+Planer to achieve smooth surfaces at the required/desired dimensions ...

        sheeesh ... I spend more time prepping the wood for my 'quick bed project' than I did actually using the wood to make the cool project.

        I certainly don't mind doing all that process when I'm doing something small, like a Crossbow.  One chunk of wood to prepare.  And in fact, usually in the case of a crossbow, because it's not a 'right angle' type construction, I rarely do all that work anyway.   I rough cut a piece out, and then immediately start working on it with draw-knives/etc to shape it.

        But in the case of bigger projects, it's so time consuming.

        I'm truly on the verge of just deciding to always pay the extra $$$ for pre-prepared wood.   Whether that be Pine/Popular/Oak from Home Depot, or whether it be paying the hardwood store guy to S2S it for me.

        Anyone else's thoughts on it? 


        Siegfried Sebastian Faust - http://crossbows.biz/
        Barony of Highland Foorde - Kingdom of Atlantia
        Society Combat Archery Marshal
      • kirkdrago
        They re a wood supply/hardware chain. They have an outlet in Charlotte, NC. While they don t carry the exotics, you can get poplar at about $2 bd-ft, cherry
        Message 3 of 8 , Jul 2, 2008
          They're a wood supply/hardware chain. They have an outlet in
          Charlotte, NC. While they don't carry the exotics, you can get poplar
          at about $2 bd-ft, cherry and walnut at about $5 bd ft. Oak's about
          $2.35 last I checked. They're on the web.


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          > Ummm... What is the "Wurth Group"?
          > L~
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