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Re: [medievalsawdust] ESP List

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  • rmhowe
    ... Oh my goodness, all the trees whose guts I used to build all that furniture are turning into giant spectral Ents and beating at the house walls. They re
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 17, 2003
      Caley Woulfe wrote:
      > I have created a list for accounts of hauntings and other
      > ESP experiences at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WeAreESP/
      > Caoillainn/Caley

      Oh my goodness, all the trees whose guts I used to build
      all that furniture are turning into giant spectral Ents and
      beating at the house walls.

      They're going to pinch my head off and use it for a
      soccer ball! :O I don't know what to do!

      It's been a while since I had an out of body experience.
      I miss most of them. The physical pain keeps me pretty
      much anchored here when I am not dreaming from melatonin
      induced dreams. Which are pretty damned vivid at times. :)

      When I was young I was very ticked off at logging.
      When I grew old I realized how many of them were
      large weeds requiring unwanted labor to look after.
      Especially when they fall on my property from my
      neighbors and it's legally my problem unless it destroys
      my house or cars. The lost and forgotten lunches of
      millions of small bushy tailed rodent rascals.

      The rental behind me put up a fence to keep dogs in,
      largely on my side of the property line. Ever since
      we've had birds and squirrels crapping or hiding all
      manner of seeds - poison ivy, virginia creeper, mullberry
      trees in abundance overshading our property. The fence
      line makes a good toilet seat you see.

      You get old and your appreciation/experience changes a bit.

      Tomorrow the hurricane hits us and the stupid rental
      goober has taken his tree trash and covered the drain
      grate with it for his area. I hope his house floods
      as he is in the low spot. ;) If we have a lot of rain
      he'll find out what he wouldn't listen about. He is
      surrounded by tall trash trees. The biggest fell
      parallel to the houses last time and smashed the
      back porches off. My sisters house and car looked
      like pine tree pickup sticks had been dropped all
      over it. A good dozen or so.

      Hopefully my eastern neighbor's driveway won't gully
      again and wash tons of his gravel into our back yards.
      Putting it back up again could kill that man. The
      city won't put in a drain big enough to handle the
      flood over out property line and it carries part of
      the beltline water with it.

      We have four chainsaws now. Three gas, one electric.

      The last time a hurricane of this speed hit NC we lost a
      quarter our big trees and many dependent animals.
      Chainsaws and massive trucks roared for more than six
      months all day every day. Thank heaven it downgraded
      from a force five. I've seen a literal MOUNTAIN of
      shredded trees. So many were down you couldn't sell them.

      My neighbors have had a LOT of trees removed really
      fast this time before they fall. Been listening to them
      going all week.

      Magnus, evil ab/user of tens of thousands of board feet
      of all those trees.

      Wish us luck.
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