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9974Re: Savranola Chairs

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  • eamonnmaccampbell
    May 9, 2008
      Yup, both those that were shown are Decatesa or Currel chairs...The
      Saveranola type are multipul arms with the seat that is attached in
      between the arms and folds down to lock it into place. The origanol
      folding chair...LOL

      The Currel types were not made to fold all the way, but will lose
      about 1/4 to 1/3 their width when folded....

      I've made a few of them out of ash, and have come to the conclusion
      ,that although they are comfy and great...They just take up to much
      space when going to an event...Course, I have thought of a couple of
      ways to build them for take down, and be a bit anachronistic....But I
      just wanna try and see what I can do with the Saveranola type ones,
      before I start worrying about building take down currels.
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