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9952Re: [MedievalSawdust] Let there be security! was Light!

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  • Rapier3971@aol.com
    May 7, 2008
      I also live in a low crime area in a high end neighborhood, but still have a monitored alarm system. I have too many tools to take a chance. Face it, thieves don't steal in poor areas and is better to be protected than sorry. I also have two dogs , but they are family pets and I don't think they would do much if someone were to break in.

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      I remember somebody marketing "the electronic dog" some years back. It was a ceramic, metal, or plastic life-size dog (German Shepard, I think) that just sat inside the door. It had a microphone, a speaker, and some electronic gizmos in-between. At a sound (like a knock at the door) the microphone would trigger the electronics and the dog would start "barking" like a real dog. Someone may still be making them....or it wouldn't take much to put one together.
      Of course there was the single woman who left a note on her front door - "Honey, that damn snake of yours is loose again. Please put it back in its cage."

      "Oakes, George" <goakes@tiresplus. com> wrote:
      Dogs are great security devices, there keen sense of hearing and smells can easily alert you to the existance of people or things. They make great companions, and friends, our dog is our girls security blanket when they are out in the evening taking out the garbage, or other chores. And when they are home alone from school. Being 16 and 17, they stay home alone frequently and love to have the dog around for that extra layer of safety.

      Tools alone do not a craftsman make.

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