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9937RE: [MedievalSawdust] Let there be security! was Light!

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  • Oakes, George
    May 6, 2008
      All this talk of security is making me happy. I am an avid woodworker,
      and a licensed Security guard, and have to deal with the populace a very
      good portion of the day.

      What burns me the most is that people take security, and crime for
      granted. They don't lock their car doors, and wonder why someone would
      steal their laptop out of their car? People leave their cars running
      when they make a quick stop at a convenience store, and wonder why
      someone would jump in their car and talk off, with their 6 month old
      baby in the car seat! It's these kind of people that give thieves and
      robbers an incentive to steal. The crooks know if they wait long enough
      or look hard enough eventually they will come across a person not paying
      attention, and not taking their own security into consideration, and the
      crooks will pounce on the opportunity every time!

      Security is paramount especially when we are talking expensive tools,
      and such. Tools are probably the easiest thing to pawn and make money
      from by far. Tools are also very easy to pick up and walk away with, and
      because society does not question a man carrying a cirular saw, or drill
      (they are probably going to work) most people don't think twice.

      There are many things you can do to beef up security, and that is all
      well and good. Another thing you should think about is marking your
      tools, this way when the police get around to doing their job, and catch
      the crooks, you can without a doubt prove that the stolen tools are
      infact yours, and you will get them back. You can record serial numbers,
      etch or inscribe your name, and phone number, and there is also a new
      marking device that recently came out called Data Dots
      http://www.datadotusa.com/index.htm these are easy to apply, virtualy
      invisible dots immersed in a quick drying liquid that can be applied to
      nearly any surface, and help to identify your items. Simply buy a Kit of
      this stuff, register the ID number, (each kit contains dots all with the
      same unique number.) Apply the dots to your tools, and items, and if
      they ever become stolen a simple illumination of the item with a black
      light will clue the police into the fact that dots are present, and a
      simple 60x scope can be used to read the unique ID. (nice thing is most
      crooks wont be looking for this, and only scratch of the serial number).

      And finally in the world of security, the last thing you should do to
      protect your assets, it to buy insurance. Most homeowners can get a
      rider for stuff contained in a garage, or workshop, renters insurance
      can also be a viable solution. Either way, insure your investment for
      the peace of mind that if it ever does get stolen, you will be able to
      replace the stolen items, and keep you out of the poor house :)



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      Please take my advice as from someone who works on the physical
      security of critical installations - I'm probably over the top for a
      shop. On the other hand, tools are expensive and you could get some
      insurance reductions.

      --- "Rebecca A. Yaniv" <rivka-Y@... <mailto:rivka-Y%40telus.net> >

      > For those of you with shops, make sure you have 4" screws (or better
      > if there is such a thing) holding in the door frame, a nice deep
      > dead-bolt or two, no weak spots in the walls, roof or whatever
      > surrounding you and that _you_ are the only one with _all the sets
      > of keys_ to the shop.
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