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9529Re: OT: Fires in Kitchens (was Re: [MedievalSawdust] Finish Question)

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  • Kiley Glass
    Jan 13, 2008
      When you use your smoke alarm as a kitchen timer, it's not really the same as starting a fire, is it now? That's the line I've taken with the kids and I'm sticking to it. My husband I don't have to worry about. It's highly unlikely that he'd notice, which at times is very convenient. He usually just wants to know if he needs to go pick up take out or not. Gotta love a man like that.

      Liedtke Goetz <goetzliedtke@...> wrote:

      --- Kiley Glass <caileighsoaps@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      > Yes sir. The kids hate it when mommy starts a fire in the kitchen.

      But how can you tell if the roast goose is done without setting off
      the smoke alarm?


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