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9207An Easy Knurled Knob with a hidden Tee Nut

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  • kirkdrago
    Oct 1, 2007
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      I came up with an easy way to make a knurled knob with a hidden "tee"
      nut the other night I thought I'd share. I am making my lady a
      tapesty loom, with rollers on it. The knob is used to tighten the
      roller against the support and lock it in place. It could also be
      used on chairs or anything else that uses a hanger bolt. This one is
      designed for a 1/4"-20 tee nut and a 2" knob.

      I made two of them in about 20 minutes. The only step I left out is
      that I routed the edges with a 3/8" roundover bit when I was done to
      take the sharp edges off the knob. This can just as easily be done
      with sanding.

      I came up with this for those times when you are using a nut and bolt
      combination, but want to hide it.

      Its on my Photo Page under Knob Instructions There's a photo of one
      of the knobs I made as well. I still have to put in the 3/4" plug
      that hides the nut, but you get the idea.

      Yours in sawdust,

      Kirk Dragomani