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9113Re: [MedievalSawdust] Re: Some thoughts on this judging question

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  • James Winkler
    Sep 7, 2007
      >> Consider diversifying the competitions across all
      events. Consider limiting the categories to the ones for which you
      can find judges. <<
      #1:  Like it... cool idea.
      #2:  Can-o-worms...  I can hear the "you don't love me anymore" arguments warming up in the whining section...  and the "but they got a COOLER event to show their stuff (ie "... the Crown wasn't at mine") than WE get to show OUR stuff...
      In spirit I'm with ya'... but I'd hate to be the KMOAS that tries to do it...
      If ya' REALLY want the best way to get yer stuff out there...  eschew (cool word, eh?) the competitions...  ain't no real way to compare pieces anyway unless everybody makes the same thing... or at least stays in roughly the same culture/time period...  the BEST way for an artisan to get what they're looking for is to get out there and DO IT.   Set up demos... set up classes... sit by yer' pavillion makin' something.  Set up a craftsman's display where you show off yer' stuff while showing people HOW to make it.  You will get noticed... you will attract like mined craftsmen (who we all know all have their own opinions on how good ya' did and how they would have done it differently..  )...  and, with luck... you'll inspire some other craftsman out there to do ya' one better... and then the fun begins.
      I think part of the problem is that everybody is looking for a way to be seen... and not so much really the competition.  How do you compare one of my ol' 6 board chests to a viking wagon???  Who wins?  Any evaluation would have to involve some foundation for comparison.   Oh, yea... you can do the *rating game*... things are scored against some abstract yardstick (common to many "A&S competitions"... but what does it mean in the end?
      Nope... again, as my ol' buddy Avery sez', "It ain't a competition... it's an EXHIBITION." 
      Become an exhibitionist and you'll get all the feedback yer' heart desires... and you'll get it from enough people to make a proper evaluation of your efforts rather than the random sampling of an A&S Faire.
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