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9086RE: [MedievalSawdust] People's Choice (was Judging)

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  • Rhys Terafan Greydragon
    Sep 3, 2007
          I am with both you and Brian Broadaxe, I detest "People's Choice" because it rarely goes to the best item, but often it goes to the fanciest scroll or most glitzy Tudor dress or spiffy looking armour.
      I also understand Brian's frustration with documentation being too much of the total.   I was the author of the current system of judging criteria that Drachenwald uses.  Documentation and Workmanship are each 30% of the total (making 60% from these two), with 20% being Authenticity, 10% for Complexity, and the final 10% for overall Aesthetic value. 
      So, a well executed item using authentic materials, tools, and techniques, should always outscore a poorly made item, especially a poorly made one that is done with modern tools, techniques, and materials. 
      Depending on the location of the display, the people's choice may be a little better but that will only be an event where A&S is the focus and the majority of folks understand the difficulties of well made items.  You can certainly educate folks, but it takes time.

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      Colin "AlbionWood" wrote:

      >If you really must have some competitive
      aspect, you could allow
      >"people's choice" awards or the

      Perhaps I'm alone in this, but I dislike "People's Choice"
      competitions even more than the run-of-the-mill A&S display.

      One could more honestly call them "OOH, SHINY!" competitions,
      as the winner is invariably the most gaudy item present, no
      matter how well made or well researched anything else is.

      Hand-stitched that perfect 'St Louis' shirt from linen you wove
      (on a loom you built) from flax you grew, harvested and processed
      yourself? Whatever! The winner is: This machine-stitched wench
      outfit in colourful acetate velvet that a child went nuts on with
      a 'Bedazzler' kit! Yay!


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