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902greetings... and an inquiry

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  • kjworzie
    Sep 5, 2003
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      I'm a new SCA member, but have been to a couple of Pennsics. I am
      not new to handtool woodworking and have been a Galoot since at least
      1997. Alas, the period I had been emulating with that group of
      Oldtool user/collectors was "older than my dad, but not as old as my

      I have a website from long ago: www.bustedtruss.com

      I know a crap load about hand tool _methods_ used in many periods,
      but what I don't know... could fill a library. And I know less about
      finished _projects_ in period. And I have a feeling that there are
      quite a few present on this that have forgotten more than I will ever
      know on both counts.

      I need to figure out a use for this couple hundred boardfeet of WIDE
      Walnut I have in my basement. It was only a buck a board foot at
      that country auction, so I guess I could just use it as firewood....
      Naw. I need to spiff up my kit. And I have Rubbermaid containers
      that could be transmogrified into wooded chests.... I'll make a bed
      later, but chests are my current project.

      {upon re-reading the last two paragraphs I sure do sound like a bit
      of a braggart. sorry about that, it was not my intention to do any
      more than convey some humor. please assume i am much more humble
      than that and i will be ever in this company's debt.}

      To that end (the project end...), I'm starting out making Viking
      style chests, ala Mastermyr with some left over oak, but I want to do
      dovetails on that Walnut for future chests. My period library is
      limited, and web searches find dovetail joinery only used late in
      period. (and the shape of the tails have more of an acute angle than
      is fashionable in the 18th C, and looks really cool because of
      that....) What is the earliest citation anyone has on dovetail
      joinery for boxes or coffers or chests?


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