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897[Fwd: New books from Royal Armouries]

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  • rmhowe
    Sep 3, 2003
      Sorry I didn't find it for a while in the bottom
      of my mailbox. * Anyone wanting to get in touch with
      me before I have time to wade through it all should
      place an * before the Subject Line.

      I tend to receive more mail than I have time to
      deal with. But I DO answer or pass on relevant stuff
      when I find it and have time if it is not spam.

      Passed on as a somewhat belated service (this time).

      I have seen the flyers for it and the images are

      So is their new 84 page all colour Medieval History
      magazine. Well worth the subscription.
      I received my first copy last week. Possibly you can
      still subscribe in time to obtain one.
      Contact Debbie Wurr below.

      Regia should be having a splendid time looking at the
      Norse Film and Pageant Society (The Vikings)
      representing the Viking Age Combat reenactors. :)
      Regia descended from them as the Old Wessex group when
      they harped on authenticity a bit too much to suit the
      parent group. They certainly do have colorful costumes.
      Nevertheless I am sure Regia's new hall and several
      ships more than makes up for the chagrin. :)
      One bunch has them, one doesn't. A matter of organization
      and enthusiasm. No doubt they will feature at some
      point not too far off. They regularly do historical
      bits for films as it is.

      I don't make a cent/penny from the service, which is all
      this is. Well, a bit of a laugh thrown in maybe.

      For those who don't know what a British pound is,
      it is approximately $1.60 or so.

      Master Magnus, OL [SCA], Regia.org, Manx, GDH.

      ** Please cut and paste if you mean to forward this
      to a usenet newsgroup. Your local Kingdom, Canton,
      shire or friends elist is fine. Thank You.
      Since I no longer habit Atlantian lists you might
      care to pass this on if you get it.

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      Subject: New books from Royal Armouries
      Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 11:11:02 +0100
      From: Debbie Wurr <Debbie.Wurr@...>
      To: "'mmagnusm@...'" <mmagnusm@...>

      Royal Armouries Publications 2003

      Order before 1 September 2003 and buy both books for £40.00
      (plus p+p) - a saving of £6.90!

      A facsimile and translation of the combat treatise Royal
      Armouries MS I.33
      Facsimile and translation by Dr Jeffrey Forgeng
      Standing as the first of a long line of medieval and
      renaissance fighting treatises, Royal Armouries MS I.33
      is a beautiful icon of fencing history. Created at the
      very end of the thirteenth or earliest years of the
      fourteenth century, the manuscript clearly illustrates a
      sophisticated martial art using the medieval sword and
      buckler. But the manuscript is also an enigma, for the
      figures portrayed are ecclesiastical; a scholar and priest!
      There is also a woman fencer, Walpurgis, whose presence
      sparks keen debate on the role of women in the history of
      fencing and martial arts in Europe.
      Chivalry Bookshelf and the Royal Armouries have brought
      this manuscript to print for the first time in a facsimile
      full-color edition, featuring the transcription and
      translation by Dr. Jeffrey Forgeng of the Higgins Armory,
      Worcester, MA.
      64 full colour illustrations, side-by-side translation,
      hardback £29.95

      The Combat System of Royal Armouries MS I.33
      Paul Wagner & Stephen Hand
      How did the medieval knight fight with his shield? For
      decades reenactors, scholars, tournament combatants and stage
      choreographers have puzzled over possible uses of the shield,
      extrapolating through experimental archaeology and the
      limited pictoral references available.
      But there is one German manuscript, Royal Armouries ms. I.33,
      that contains a possible key to this puzzle. Illustrated in
      sixty-four beautifully watercolored pages, MS I.33 presents a
      thorough and sophisticated medieval martial art employing the
      sword and small buckler.
      Paul Wagner and Stephen Hand, pioneers in the growing
      historical martial arts community, have brought their fighting
      expertise together with years of research around the tradition
      of medieval fighting treatises to bring this system fully to
      life through more than three hundred photographs and clear
      instructions, enabling anyone to learn the system.
      This lavishly created companion to Chivalry Bookshelf and
      the Royal Armouries color fascimile of the original manuscript
      (ISBN 1891448382) promises to become a key working manual on
      historical medieval technique.
      276pp + 8pp, color , 300 photographs, paperback l £16.95

      Order before 1 September 2003 and buy both books for
      £40.00 (plus p+p) - a saving of £6.90!
      Postage & packing £3 per book UK and Europe/£5 per book
      USA and Rest of World

      Publication September 2003
      If you would like to reserve your copy in advance of
      publication please email post, or fax your order to the
      address given below.
      Cheques may be dated 1 September 2003. Cheques will not
      be cashed nor credit card accounts debited until the books
      are ready for despatch.
      Please reply via email or to:
      Debbie Wurr,
      Royal Armouries Publications, FREEPOST NEA
      12155, Leeds LS10 3YY (UK only)

      Debbie Wurr, Royal Armouries Publications, Armouries
      Drive, Leeds LS10 ILT, UK
      Fax: + 44 113 220 1871