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895Re: [medievalsawdust] Re: Books on Period Tools was [SCA-AS] Artist-Blacksmith association

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  • rmhowe
    Aug 28, 2003
      Scott Lane wrote:
      > If anyone is interested in hinges or hardware for
      > this chest (or any other), feel free to contact me at:
      > scotty@...

      Generous offer. I'll keep it in mind. Gave up
      my forges 9 years ago when I disabled. Can't
      hammer much now. Crippling.
      Where I once made many things I share sources
      and techniques now. Odd end for a craftsman to have.
      Still, it can be useful. Some 700 pound objects I
      once made (like huge desks) are now the odd bit
      of jewelry or bonework, etc. when I can stand it.

      > I'm finally recovering from Pennsic and will be smithing again
      > this weekend. Have gotten a few requests already and
      > would be happy to do more.
      > In Service,
      > Lord Aodhfin Seibert
      >>For period tools the Mastermyr Find - A Viking Age Toolchest
      >>from Gotland by Greta Awidsson can't be beat.

      I probably should also have added this one:

      Kolchin, B. A.: Metallurgy And Metalworking In Ancient
      Russia; Jerusalem, Israel Program For Scientific Translations,
      1967. Text in English; Translated from Russian. 10 x 7-1/4 ";
      vi + 112 pages. Reprint edition. Binding is Hardcover.
      Where Kolchin says Ancient, read late dark age to late Rus.
      Say 700-1300 approximately. Has:
      Ancient Metallurgy - Furnaces in ancient Russia; Ores;
      Fuel; Production of iron; Production of steel.
      Technology of Forging Operations - Forging Equipment;
      Forging Tools; Fitters Tools; Production Techniques.
      Design and Production of Forged Articles - Knives, Farming
      Implements; Wood-working Tools; Weapons; Locks and Scales.
      Blacksmiths - Specialization among urban blacksmiths;
      Apprentices and mates
      Conclusion; Bibliography; Classical Works on Socialism;
      General Works;
      List of Abbreviations; Notes.
      Says it was available from the U.S. Department of Commerce
      Clearinghouse for Federal and Technical Information,
      Springfield VA 22151. May still be. I looked for an original
      for several years after seeing a copy a late friend had.
      Shows furnaces, anvils, tongs, hardies, nail making tools,
      files, ploughing tools, woodworking tools, axeheads,
      mortising chisels and adzes, hand saws, inshaves,
      spiral (auger) drills and spoon bits, hooked turning tools,
      jeweller's tools, many arrowheads, viking style swords,
      spearheads, 3 battle axes, a mail hauberk, chainmail
      diagram, knives (also in cross-sectional views), scythes,
      fish-hooks, a couple lures, gigs and harpoons, a mortise lock,
      and many types of padlocks in cross-sectional views, a
      steelyard balance for weighing.

      Mostly Kolchin is included in the huge Russian Archaeology
      series as regards the Novgorod excavations primarily.
      I have those four books in the Russian but you can get
      most of the good stuff in the English synopsis
      Great Novgorod by Thompson. It has many illustrations
      and is relatively cheap by comparison.

      There is a current rage on Roman Military gear and all
      the appurtenances and tools necessary for its production.
      Oxbowbooks has many metalsmithing books, like by Craddock
      if you want some older ones very cheaply, or the more
      modern ones under Roman. I have a few, including those
      from Vindolanda.com .