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8891Green wood workshop

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  • AlbionWood
    Aug 1, 2007
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      Hi all (or at least those who aren't sweating away at Pennsic),

      I'm finally getting some hands-on experience with green woodworking
      methods, in a workshop being led by Dan Stalzer, who studied under John
      Alexander and Drew Langsner. He's a great teacher, very fun guy, and
      the classmates are a good bunch as well (we don't seem to have that
      "high maintenance" type that usually mar such classes). Learning some
      good stuff; this is a very different way of working wood that anything
      I've done before. Now I gotta make me a shaving horse!

      We're making all the parts for a chair, then we'll be assembling our own
      from parts made by the previous workshop (since the parts have to dry
      for about 2 months). At the end of the week all 12 of us should have a
      completed chair.

      Next time Dan does one of these, I'll try to remember to post the
      information here in case anyone is interested in coming out to beautiful
      Mendocino for a week.

      Wish the tanoaks on my property were a little larger. You Easterners
      don't know how good you have it, surrounded by all that hardwood.

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